Two bags in one day!

white flowers

Apr 20, 2007
So yesterday, I came home in the afternoon to find a white USPS box laying inside my gate. I had ordered the Lena in Bark from Revolve on Sunday, so I wasn't expecting the bag to get here until Wednesday. But to my surprise, it was the Lena! I rushed upstairs and opened the box, and the first thing that hit me was that horrid smell. Oh my God. When I read about you ladies experiencing that fish smell with the bag, I never realized just how intense it was! But anyway, I decided to keep the bag (I really like how luscious the leather is), and when I went to put in these odor-absorbing bag candies that I bought from Lovinmybags, I accidentally got some of the oil onto the leather purse. Panicking, I picked up the phone and called Barbara from Lovinmybags, and she and I bemoaned over my carelessness!

However, Barbara was soooo sweet and so kind and told me to just send the bag in. She said that she would extract the oil, and then protreat it, and also try to get rid of the horrible fish smell -- ALL FOR FREE! She was sooooo, sooo sweet and the few times I've called her, she's always been so patient with me! So I packed up the Lena and sent it off to Barbara and hope that I'll get it back within a couple of days!

However, I do have to share some interesting information with you guys:

When I was talking to Barbara, I told her about the horrible fish smell that many people who got the Lena in Bark experienced. She immediately gasped and said, "Oh! They're using a special dye process that actually involves FISH OIL." She said that it was a very old process with leather, but that they use Herring oil in the process, and that the leather ends up smelling like fish. Some manufacturers of bags who use the Herring oil in the dye process don't tell their consumers, and so it's just a really lovely (not) surprise when we hold the bag and realize that it reeks of fish.

Anyway, so that's the first part of the story.

The second part is that I got my Tano Concrete Blondie in Navaho White yesterday, too! So now my white summer bag is here yay! :wlae:
Apr 17, 2007
That is just nasty about the fish oil! Why oh why would they do that? I hope that the smell comes out.

Do you have any pics of your new bags?


Sep 8, 2006
It's 6 am here, all this fish oil talk is making me queasy...

Congrats on both bags, white flower, what a great day!

I'm looking for a summer bag, which doesn't cost the earth, can't wait to see pictures of your Tano (and of course, your Lena, but I know that's gonna look fab:smile:)


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
Wow, so it really is fish oil!!! Amazing, Thanks Barbara for that info. She was so pleasant and helpful when I sent her my bag. She provides such a great service to us bag lovers.

Hmmm...Fish oil. You think they could use something else. Mine did fade after awhile. I remember because I was going to sell it and wanted that smell gone before someone accused me of selling a fake.
Feb 19, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Fish oil...good god. Well maybe those omega-3's are good for the bag too.

I have a bag into Barbara right this very moment, my Baca. She is taking out a very bad stain and her emails give me hope it will turn out great. She has great customer service.

Congrats on your new bags.

white flowers

Apr 20, 2007
ahh thanks girls! I was totally surprised about the Herring oil, also. I don't have pictures of my Tano yet (but I will post them soon), and I think I will post pictures of the Kooba once I get them back. I do have pictures that I took of the Kooba immediately after I got it, but I don't know whether or not I should post those because the quality isn't very superb. There's a tiny (not visible if you stand within normal chatting-distance of something) that's on the Lena, but I don't think it'll bother me too much so I think I'll keep it! :smile: the leather is so luscious!