Two Bags, Can Only Buy One! TPF Help?!


Oct 10, 2011
Hi there, ladies. :smile:

I've been saving a bit of money for an after-Christmas splurge. There are two bags I'd LOVE to have, but I definitely won't be able to get them both at once. I could really use some outside opinions!

First choice is a classic Miu Miu coffer in a dark/chocolate brown. I've always loved coffers, and I already have one in a cream color. They're great! I do definitely want a chocolate brown one eventually, but Miu Miu will probably be making them for many years to come. My reservation in getting this bag is that I'd always have the opportunity to get one later.

My second choice is a Valentino red Rose Petale. I've recently bought my first Valentino, and I must say I really love the feminine, delicate details that the brand often has in its bags. I'd love to own a vibrant red Valentino, and the particular bag that I want may become even more affordable soon. There are five on sale from the same individual on ebay, and if they don't sell in the next few weeks, I assume the price will go down before or not long after Christmas.

I realize I'd probably get more mileage from the coffer, since the color I want is more neutral, but I'm just holding back a bit because brown coffers come up in reasonable frequency on ebay and bonanza. However, Valentino is a new brand to me. While I am certain that I love this particular bag (I've held a display in a department store), I'm not sure how often I'd be able to use it.

What do you ladies think?


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
What do I think? I think you have very discretionary, good taste! Tough one! You seem to be leaning towards the Valentino. I'm not sure of it's style. Is it classic looking? I've seen the MM Coiffer bag and know it is beautiful. Any chance you can download a pic of the other bag?


May 21, 2009
Your question is difficult to answer because it's akin to asking whether you should buy jeans or an evening dress. Both valuable in their own way. I don't think they should be compared just because they are bags. Which speaks more to your needs?

Bottom line seems to be that financially you have to make a choice. I would pick whichever you want most right now with plans to acquire the runner up in the future.


Apr 22, 2011
the city
I love both bags! I like the MM a little more though because it has a classic look. I was going to say buy the Valentino since you already own a MM and you might get a really good deal on it, but then I read the last few sentences of your post. If you're not sure you're going to use the Valentino often, I'd say get the MM. Granted, the Valentino is gorgeous but it doesn't make much sense to buy a bag and only use it sparingly, you know? The choice is really up to you because you're the one carrying the bag. :smile:


Oct 4, 2009
I really like miu miu, it's gorgeous and unique in its own way, plus it appears to be super functional. good luck with your decision!