Two B-bagss at NM in Northbrook, IL

  1. Not sure what they were. I think they were the part-time or whatever is the next size up. I am guessing one was truffle. I asked the SL who had no clue what they were. I asked if they were 06 or 07 colors and she said she though they were 'recent'. I found the tag on one and it said 2006. I think it was truffle. I couldn't find the tag on the other one. It was a bright blue color. I am not sure what that would be.
  2. I have never seen bbags there. They must have just started carrying them this season. Where were they???
  3. Hi Chigirl:
    Remember me? We met at Dominicks a couple of months ago.

    They were on the shelf kind of in the middle near the hats and the mirrors. Maybe they were returns.
  4. Yes, I noticed they started to carry some too. They have gotten a few more recently. Hopefully they will continue to carry them.
  5. When I was there before last Thursday, they have 4 Bbags. 2 Works, 1 Day, and 1 part-time.

    Also, David from Shirise called me last Tuesday said they just got their new shipment for Bbag. I asked him to put a black city on hold for me to pick up, but I really didn't have time to go there before Christmas. I will go to check after New Year.

  6. SO funny! How are you??? Have you bought any bbags??? I was trying to remember your PF name. I am so glad you posted this...

    I can't visualize where the hats are? I am guessing somewhere in that middle area by Chloe and stuff?

    baiyshang -- it has been awhile but about 6 months, Shirise still had a f/w '05 city. Last I spoke to David, he wasn't sure it was there but it is worth checking. I haven't been there in awhile even though I live nearby. I love that place though. Everyone there is great. Let us know what they have when you are there!
  7. Neiman Marcus will only carry Balenciaga ... IF ... there isn't another retailer around the same area who doesn't carry them. For instance, in Boston, since Barneys NY carries Balenciaga, Neiman Marcus cannot *display* them on their floor. However, if they get a return, they are then able to display and sell it.

    I have found that it's best to ask the N/M Sales Associate if they have any Balenciaga bags ... sometimes they will call around as well.
  8. Ceejay -- I am not sure that is the case here as Shirise is less than 10 miles from NM in Northbrook. Regardless, it must be a new thing for them....
  9. When I spoke with the SA about it, she said she could call around and get anything you want (which I pretty much knew). But I always prefer to talk to the SA in the store of the one I am looking at and at least get some description of the leather. Not to mention a SA who has a clue which bag is which and which color is which. I would also like the commission to go to someone who knows the bags.
  10. The Chloes are more towards the fine jewelry and that little Prada alcove. This is directly at the opposite end, more towards the lower priced jewelry counter.

    I have bought a B-bag or two...I started with a blue india box. DH has a little present on the way and it should be here any day now. I am going to get a white city and I have a rouge VIF city on layaway. AFter that, I won't get anything else until May or later.
  11. Hi, Chigirl. I will go to Shirise after New Year if they still have my black city. I told David to hold it before Christmas, but if I can't make it, then it would be ok not to hold anymore. Unfortunally I was so busy last Thursday, couldn't make the visit there before I leave the town. I hope nobody will get it. Anyway, I will let all of you know what they have.

    NW on Northbrook had a great sale before Christmas, some Chloes are 30% off, which I almost got one, but I told myseld I need to save my money to get my black city, hehe. The SA from NM told me she can track down any bag for me if they have it in stock somewhere, but I have to order it, and then they will send to the store for me to pick up.
  12. I try to stay away but it's too close to me! Lately I've seen more B'bags on the shelf so been wondering if they are all returns or they are getting some in to see how they sell. I used to ask the SA why they didn't carry any.