Two articles in the Sunday papers this week

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  1. Again neither of them flattering.....Liz jones on the cara bags and other bags named after celebs in the mail...And a feature in the Sunday times business section
  2. I guess after last weeks hype the backlash has started.............I can't see the Cara collection was ever going to be a hit in the UK..............Liz Jones thinks the range is designed for her 27 year old daughters age group but they don't have £1000 to spend on a bag. So far I haven't actually come across anyone in this age group that does like them, most of them have thought they were awful and hated the camouflage one

    I think bringing in a spin off range for youngsters was actually quite a clever idea. They just got the price so horrendously wrong, for it to have worked would have thought they needed to be in the £300 - £450 range. Bruno seems to have totally missed the mark again

    I thought it was a great remark by Liz , that she had that sort of money to spend on a bag but women her age don't like celebs :lol: have to agree there, although I think it's more that I don't have any interest in them. I am not going to rush out and buy a bag because a Celeb wore one :graucho:

    But I do think Kim Sears did wonders for the Willow at Wimbledon. Think she looked absolutely beautiful with the Willow and made me feel quite different about how fantastic the oak printed Bays could look, when she turned up in her casual denim shirt................think she would have made a great model for Mulberry

    Interesting to see the Cara collection has done nothing for the share price........still down there around £6.50 after hanging in most of last year around £10
  3. Good to see backlash I feared more fawning over beloved cara.....
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    I haven't read the articles, so can't comment on them, but can imagine what Liz Jones would have to say! Certainly, an "entry level" Mulberry would be a great idea for younger women, but would - I suspect - retail at the price of a Bayswater only a few seasons ago. I agree absolutely re. the Kim effect, Mulberrygal; she oozes effortless style and seems such a genuinely lovely person. Mulberry couldn't have paid for a better role model, imho! A propos, Cara; I've always thought her sister, Poppy, was a far more beautiful, elegant and effective model (for Anya Hindmarch) when she modelled the tri-colour Perry etc a few years ago. The chocolate Perry was subsequently toted by Claudia Schiffer on the school run and looked amazing ...
  5. Even though I am young I don't really buy into celebs I like Alexa Chung she's cool but that's not why I bought the bag. And I do NOT see how the cara could possibly outsell the Alexa!!
  6. Entry level bags are a great way to go for any age group IMO. I first saw M on Bluefly when I first started working and loved the Bays, but even there and before the price increase, it was too much for an early 20s with a starting salary and a student loan.

    Now that I earn more and my books are paying me a bit extra on the side I have a bigger bag budget, but when it comes to my first bag from a new brand I like to dip my toe in. Try a cheaper bag from them before putting out hundreds of dollars. I can't be alone there.

    I have not paid full price for any of my M bags, but shopping sales, charge and send from outlets or flash sale sites limits what I can have in my collection because the selection from those places is limited.
  7. +1 I have never boughten one full price and have only purchased two from mulberry themselves and those were from the outlet! And they were my two most expensive bags! I only do that if I really really really want the bag and that usually means selling one I already have. And actually everything on my wish list now with the exception of two bags are older seasons!
  8. I thought the Mail article was - on balance - fairly positive about the Cara bag. It did acknowledge the price point is likely to require rich parents.
  9. Tribe: Public relations girls, shop assistants, housewives given Mulberry as a gift by cheating husbands.- NOT impressed by this description of alexa carriers via DM article how rude.

  10. I've been buying Mulberry on and off for 30 years and never paid full price either :lolots:

    I am certainly not going to start now...................going to stick with classic Mulberry and am drifting away now for sure. I just don't like the direction Mulberry is going in at all. I just feel I would rather downsize and sell a few bags for a Chanel.................I feel I am getting a lot more for my money and it wont be heavily discounted a few months down the line

    Has the Cara collection been released yet or are they waiting in the hope of getting a waiting list? :bagslap: It will be very interesting to see what happens. Perhaps we will see lots of Kindergarten kids with their "lunch boxes" strapped to their backs soon.

  11. To me the whole backpack bag is a 1990s thing. Elaine on Seinfeld reruns is always carrying one :biggrin:. Considering when traveling abroad pickpockets are what they warn about, why would you want a backpack anyway?

    I don't think the Cara bags are out yet. They are trying to build hype.
  12. I can't agree more with your comments. With the price of the new Mulberry stock I am surprised anyone can now afford to buy new, without thinking about it very carefully. Also, wild child Cara is not the best of role models for the more 'upmarket' and grown up brand Mulberry is trying to become. However give me the tried and trusted 'old style' Mulberry any day.
  13. I read in an article on the bags will be released in August of this year. Just in time for back to school shopping! :graucho:

  14. +1. That was offensive.