Two 09 Red Jumbo with GHW available!

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  1. My cousin and I got ours from the boutique last week, so these two we were waitlisting from Nordies are available now. Anyone interested pls PM me for SA's contact info ASAP. They can only be held for today! Good luck!
  2. Hi, can u Pm me your SA's contact pls. Thank you
  3. Hey lovelovechanel, seems that you were set not to receive Pm. Can you Pm me first so that I can just reply to you?
  4. thanks for posting! Congrats to ur new 09 red jumbo!!~
  5. #5 Jan 21, 2009
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    urm...Im embarrassed to say this. i dont know how to remove it. Can you email it to me at xxxxx please don't post your personal email address on a public forum . I think its too late by now, but what the heck, im just gonna try my luck