Two '06 Purses at NM-Atlanta, GA

  1. So I was in NM last night looking at CHANEL handbags and walked to the back to look at GUCCI and there they were...2 Bbag Purses. I was shocked. They were hanging on a rack of other purses as if they were not important. I walked over to see what year they were and what colors. They were '06's and one was Granat and the other was Truffle. The Truffle one was so pretty. The leather on both was think but the Grenat leather was really dry and not shiney at all. I'm sure with some care it would look stunning. The truffle though...was healthy and stunning. The SA asked me what kinda of bag it was. I was stunned but not really...we don't have stores that sell Bbags here in Georgia so I guess I didn't expect her to know much about them. I did laugh though when she said "they should put the name of the designer right there across the front so people would know who makes them." I got a kick out of that. I knew who made them...I didn't need it plastered on the front of the bag. I have several bags that have the logo on the front. Any hoo...just thought I would let everyone know that there are 2 lonely Bbags at NM at Lenox if anyone would like to go give them a good home. They look so sad without any other family memebers around. Let me know if anyone adopts one...please post pictures.:yes:
  2. Wow...this is very exciting!! Maybe depending on how fast these sell will determine if they will start carrying a variety of them. I know when I was trying to find stores in GA that sold Balenciaga I called retailer I could think of. I was shocked there were none, at the very least, in Atlanta. When I called Saks the SA even admitted she'd never heard of them. :wtf:

    Thanks so much for posting this.
  3. Awww.. how sad. I want to adopt one of those poor lil guys... Hopefully someone will grab them!!!

    Thanks for posting! :p
  4. No problem...I figured you would appreciate it. The SA did say that because they are expanding the store (it's going to be huge) that the handbag department would be getting bigger she mentioned that maybe they would start to carry Bbags. I told her if they did...then they would sell out in a heart beat. NM would make some Georgia girls very happy. We can only hope!!!! Keep your fingers crossed. For now on, I'm going to check to see what they have. Apparently they don't have the same policy as Saks does. If Saks does not carry a certain brand...then they send it back to the original store that you ordered something from. That's waht they did with a GUCCI that I ordered from CT. Because the GUCCI at Phipps is right down the hall, they do not sell it at Phipps, so they have to send the item back. They cannot put it out for sale. So sad...for however did not get the GUCCI I did not want. It was on super sale and I had to walk to down the hall and pay full price to get the color I wanted. Oooh well...I love that bag. Let me now if you see any other BBags at NM.
  5. Are those city or other styles? thx!
  6. Sorry, just noticed the title with "purses" in it. "Purse" style?
  7. For some strange reason, despite a lot of suggesting and begging by a number of people, neither Saks nor NM in Atlanta have shown any interest in carrying Balenciaga. They already have the bags in other stores, so it seems as if they would be more receptive. Go figure. The only "competition" is Jeffrey, and the store gets so few bags they are usually gone on approval to customers before they ever hit the selling floor. When Saks renovated and expanded there were rumors they would get Balenciaga, but it hasn't happened. I've heard the same thing about NM, or at least that they will be adding lines once the expansion is done. I've been told one would need to "nag" the buyers to show there is a lot of interest.
  8. wow! I was there last weekend and didn't see them :sad:
  9. I was there two weeks ago and they definitely weren't there then. I scoured the handbag department for an hour trying on purses. I also asked three different SA's about bbags and they all said that NM Atlanta did not carry them. Hmmmmm................
  10. Heehe, that's a funny story. I hope that these lovely Purses find a good loving home soon!!
  11. I think somehow they occasionally get returns of bags people have bought at other stores. I wandered in one day and saw a really beautiful ink bag. It was just hanging on a rack with miscellaneous stuff because it had no display area with companions.
  12. oh my goodness!!! my SA in the bag dept at Neimans knows about my new obsession with bbags, so i wonder why she did not call me!! oh my goodness this makes me so happy!!! i am in GA, and yall are right Jeffery (Bob Ellis) is the only place usually to have them and they get very random ones occasionally...yay

    thanks for the notice. man, i wish i was gonna get there this week. i have never held another bbag other than my own. i dont know what i would do to actually look at the bag irl before buying!!! maybe there's hope!
  13. Maybe she was the SA who didn't know what kind of bags they were? ;)
  14. Sad, isn't it?? All you lucky girls and guys that live near the stores that do carry them....don't take it for granted!!! We're deprived and neglected down here!! :crybaby:
  15. LOL! I know!!! --we are forced to buy sight unseen...The city of Atlanta should be ashamed of itself!!!