Twitter contest??

Oct 24, 2006
So I just got back into twittering and read that BE had some kind of twitter contest with a prize? Does anybody know what happened with that and is it something they do a lot? I'm totally loving Twitter more than FB and would love to win something w/these contests, lol. :P


May 19, 2009
Along the Thames
Yes, the contest revolved around Jackie's holiday in Greece. She posted tweets and photos and you have to work out from the clues where she had gone etc.

It was huge fun and the prizes were handbags. The person who got all 15 questions right plus the two bonus questions got a Take Me Away and there were 3 other prizes.

Jackie mentioned on Twitter this week that there would be another competition, so stay tuned!


Sep 16, 2006
Here is a copy of Jackie's post in the concierge area -

I hope you've all had a lovely summer. As you've seen, we've been hard at work on our new collections, hope you like them!

Meanwhile, I wanted to mention that our next Twitter Contest is imminent and explain a bit about how it works for those who are unsure.

First, you need an account on Twitter, which is easy to get. Twitter is an online interaction tool, that allows you to chat with others in real time and post updates about what you are doing. I personally recommend dowloading Tweetdeck, as then you can easily see when other people post questions and comments aimed at you.

Please note: I advise anyone using Twitter or any other such programmes to have up to date firewall and other protection and to be very careful which links they click on. Don't click on links unless you know the other person can be trusted and preferably only click on links of those you're following. First thing to do is to follow and

Twitter is also a great way for us to get our news out there - we post new collections, new ideas, news and various other things and most importantly of late we've started a BE Twitter Competition.

I can't emphasise enough how this is a good time to take part in our Twitter competitions, as hardly anyone yet knows about them, meaning you have a very good chance of winning. Did you know that we gave away FOUR bags during the last Twitter Contest? The grand prize winner won a customised Take Me Away that she ordered via BE Couture.

The next contest starts next week and is based around a trip I'm taking to Barcelona. So if you want to see a little of the city and have the chance to win a bag (and no I'm not working for the Spanish tourist board as someone asked before, haha) then do sign up to follow me and have a go at the questions!

Talk soon,

Jackie XOX