Twists & turns of your LV collection...


Sep 15, 2006
Today I just started thinking about how I got "hooked" on LV and all of the twists and turns my collection has been through since I started collecting five years ago. So, here's the stuff I've had - and some of it I still have (in bold font):

-Monogram Bucket - November 2001
-Monogram Musette Salsa - January 2002, sold June 2005
-Monogram Compact Zippe - July 2002, stolen December 2004
-Monogram Speedy 30 - July 2004, sold November 2004
-Monogram Pochette - July 2004, sold November 2004
-Beige Vernis Reade PM - July 2004
-Monogram Agenda PM - August 2004
-Beige Vernis Houston - September 2004, sold May 2005
-Monogram Boulogne - October 2004, sold April 2005
-Black Epi Petit Noé - December 2004
-Black Epi Pochette - December 2004
-Black MC Pochette Cles - December 2004, sold February 2006
-Monogram Keepall 50 w. strap - January 2005, sold March 2006
-Monogram Pochette Cosmetique - January 2005, sold July 2005
-Monogram Pochette Cles - January 2005, sold April 2005
-Monogram Cabas Mezzo - February 2005, sold September 2006
-Monogram French Purse - February 2005, sold May 2005
-Monogram Cerises Pochette - February 2005, sold October 2005
-Monogram Cerises Pochette Cles - February 2005, sold December 2005
-Monogram Cerisis Bandana - June 2005
-Monogram Mini Ballerina shoes - June 2005
-Monogram Cerises Bucket - June 2005, sold July 2005
-Damier Alma - November 2006
-Shoulderstrap for Alma - November 2006
-Damier Keepall 50 - November 2006
-Monogram Shawl - November 2006
-Damier Pochette Cles - November 2006

So, what has your collection been through?


Sep 27, 2006
only now have come to sell a couple things...

Cherry Blossom Pochette brown/pink - August 2003?
Cabas Mezzo - August 2004
Batignolles Horizontal - August/Sept 2005?

Mono Business Card Holder - early 2005, gave to bf
Mono Zipped Wallet w/ Paper ID Holder - July 2005, selling now
White MC Wapity - 2005, sold December 2006
Mono ipod case - early 2006
Damier Azur Speedy 25 – November 2006

Damier Azur cles – November 2006, exchanged December 2006
Mono Shawl in Champagne – November 2006
Mono Mat Shelton in black – November 2006
Black MC Pochette MM – December 2006
Mono Sophie – December 2006

the bulk of my LV's have come from the time I've joined pf! bad influence! lol.


May 7, 2006
I haven't sold anything yet...but I have definetly seen my collection evolve. Initially all I wanted was mono items (including MC), but since then I have acquired LE pieces, Damier (which I initially disliked), and Epi!
I'm hoping to branch into Suhali in the near future.


Nov 22, 2006
I bought the Mono Alma and sold it a year later to my friend for her mom - undersold it....

Bought Mono Trouville and sold it about a year later to a co-worker - again, probably undersold it (I'm too nice!) Purchased a Deauville.

My first LV was Cabas Piano and I just sold it last week to the same co-worker who bought my Trouville. Sold it to buy my Mono Petit Noe. This time, I got a very good price and the Cabas was 3 yrs. old.

Fortunately, I've never regretted selling any of my LVs to purchase other LV purses.

I guess I could always purchase the "sold" purses again but at a higher cost from the boutique. But, there's always something new around the corner from LV!!!


ban BAN ban!!
Jul 5, 2006
to date i've only sold my papillon thinking of selling my MC white wapity and popincourt too..

trying to keep an "only" damier collection..however i still have my CB papillon!


Sep 21, 2005
I've only bought (and most of it happened this year) but here's my list in order of purchase..

-Cherry Blossom Pochette (can't remember)
-Cerise Pochette (when it came out last year)
-Batignolles Vertical (September '05)
-Damier Tribeca Long (Spring '06)
-Multicolore Pochette (Spring '06)
-Multicolore Mini HL (Sept '06)
-Multicolore Petit Noe (Sept '06)
-Monogram Groom Cles (Sept or Oct '06)
-Damier Koala Wallet (Sept or Oct '06)
-Yellow Epi Soufflot (Dec '06)
-Damier Marais (Dec '06)
-Framboise Inclusion Speedy Key Ring (Dec '06)


Jul 30, 2006
I have only purchased mandarin epi pieces and a mono 30 speedy. I absolutely love all of them, but I find myself loving my speedy just a little more. I am not a collector of bags so I do not see myself adding too many more bags. I only purchase what I really like and will use.


oui, Louis!
May 15, 2006
for years, i've mostly collected messengers-type bags. but by the end of 2005 i was ready for something new. i have been wishing for some nice masculine shoppers or totes - and the '06 men's runway collections didn't disappoint. hand-held bags took a bit of getting used to, but i am so happy with my totes. im ready for some more next year to add to my ever growing collection :yes: