Twisting and sweating but it was worth it!

  1. Well LVR came through with my whiskey booties. Man is that a fabulous color or what? On a side note I've always wanted a whiskey something but not in a purse (I know strange). Mainly it's because I have so many earth toned purses I couldn't bring myself to add another shade, so boots seemed like a logical alternative. The trouble was they were all sold out in my size.

    So when I saw these booties in the desired shade I paid, gulp, full retail.

    Okay, I digress.

    I get these booties and instantly try them on with all my jeans, skirts and appropriate pants. They are awesome and look the best with skinny jeans cuffed sitting on the rim of the shoes. Cropped pants have a whole new dimension!! A black wool wrap skirt with black tights and those whiskey booties make me long for Winter again.

    Let me tell you something I worked my butt off and my shoulder started to hurt with all the pulling, twisting and
    contorting I had to do (I have a rotary cuff issue) but so what. THE BOOTS ARE STAYING!:drinks:
  2. Congrats I am soo glad you like them! show us some modelling pictures.
  3. Congrats! Please post pics. =)
  4. Okay Susieserb... enough with the tantalizing descriptions and POST PICS ALREADY!!! :rolleyes:
  5. I'm such nerd, I'm going to use my 80 yr old mom's camera to take pictures this week and then I'll post. I can't use hubby's camera, that would be a tip off and I'm not going there, LOL.;)

    Trust me you'll get them!:okay:
  6. Susieserb,

    Congrats... needless to say, but I'm jealous that you got Chloe boots that fit your calves... lucky girl.

  7. Birkin they're BOOTIES. They barely come up to my ankles!! That's why I keep saying they're a viable option for you!!;)
  8. :roflmfao:LOL... I want to post pics on the forum too, but I keep thinking if he see's those pics its a dead give away to my loot:push:!!!!
  9. Alright Susieserb... I'll sit here patiently and await pictures of your booties.
  10. Ali and Susie - I know how you both feel! My dh would turn into an irate three-headed monster :cursing::cursing::cursing: but oh well I do it anyway and hope he won't find out that I buy these bags months ahead of the next gift occasion. Plus I'm the only one who uses our home pc anyway!
  11. I know we got off track from Susie's boots which we are still waiting to see, but I do feel with all of you....

    We are in the same boat and thank God we know how to cover our tracks very well. If only my DH knew of the two new Ediths coming on Wednesday......

  12. You're too funny! Congrats on you new shoes, I can't wait to see pics.
  13. If I got two new Ediths, my husband would know right away... he notices EVERY NEW THING that I have...

    His attention to detail is astounding... that's why I could never hide a purchase from him, and luckily for me, he doesn't mind when I shop.
  14. Okay Susieserb, these boots are all your fault. I kept your idea of getting ankle boots in mind and went shopping today. Tried on the flat knee high Edith boots in a size 8 1/2 (which is 2 sizes bigger than I take) and I still couldn't get them to zip up... so I wound up with these instead...

    Michael Kors booties... the leather is to die for.

    I can hardly wait to see your Chloe boots...
  15. I wish I could get away with wearing booties. My size 4 legs are of no longer:crybaby:!!! My pregnancy weight gain still lingers on:cursing:. So until the extra weight drains, I will live vicariously thru you susieserb and all your fabulous boots & booties;)!