Twisted's Jems

  1. Since I joined here in tPF - I became aware of all those other lovely purses out there. And then I started my collection. It's small unlike others but it will get there someday (i hope). :lol:


    LV Damier Trousse - got it 4 years ago as a birthday present.
    Michael Kors Wristlet - Aug 06
    Perlina (which is MIA on this pic, my mother used it! LOL) - Aug 06
    Kooba Sienna - Sept 06
    Coach Wristlet & Initial Charm - Sept 06
    MJ Zip Clutch - Oct 06
    LV Damier Speedy 25 - Oct 06
  2. Very nice collecion. I love your damier pieces!
  3. Very nice - love the MJ!
  4. thanks scarlett_2005 & taygalchi :flowers:

    in the span of 3months, i came up with all those goodies! i still can't believe it!! :tender:
  5. Hi Twisted...

    nice to finally see your goodies... oh you havent used your other goodies.. there's still plastic on it.. hehe.. lovely pieces and I am very sure your collection will grow and grow..
  6. just the speedy because i got her today :biggrin: the others i've used them already. now im thing of the azur pochette :nuts:
  7. The speedy is nice, but I like the MJ the most!
  8. love ur collection:heart: ... u need to color it a little more:graucho:
  9. You have a beautiful collection! :heart: it
  10. love the collection!
  11. thithi - i love the mj as well. and i'd like to add another mj piece sometime in the future. :biggrin:

    chloe - i know. i only have brown and black. and the only neutral is the clutch. lol. i guess im too boring :lol:

    coachlover123 & ke ai Bb - thanks! :flowers:
  12. very the MJ clutch!
  13. i got this Harajuku bag from my cousin for christmas! :wlae:
    Picture 3222.jpg
  14. Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Ooooh how cute is the Michael Kors, lovely collection ! :yes: