Twisted chain on Medium LouLou

  1. IMG_2964.jpg

    After lusting after the medium loulou bag I finally ordered it online from Saks. I received it on Friday, however I don’t know if the chain on my bag is normal. If I straighten out one side of the chain the other side twists, and there’s no way to make it where both sides are straight. It may be hard to see in the picture but I attached a pic of the chain where the right side is twisted.
  2. Sometimes the chain straps can be tricky. I thought I had a similar issue with a loulou bowling bag I recently received...but it was just a matter of adjusting the base of the strap correctly.

    However, at times some chains do come twisted (and no amount of adjusting will fix it). I've also had that issue one time with a Givenchy chain pandora box. In that case it's best to just return and get another one without those issues.