Twisted Chain Links on Classic Flap

  1. I recently purchased a lovely Jumbo Classic Flap bag (my very first Chanel! :heart: ) and have noticed that there are a couple of the links in the chain handle that are usually always twisted out of place. I twist them back into place, but they won't stay that way! I tried to ignore it, but now that I have noticed it just keeps bothering me.

    I'm not sure if these show what I mean, but it's the third link up...



    Does anyone else have this problem? Should I ignore it or send it away to get "fixed" if that is possible?
  2. When my white caviar flap arrived, it had the same problem. I returned it -- because not only did it annoy me, but I noticed that the leather had some small slices -- no doubt due to the chain cutting into it. I tried to unhinge it, but it just kept rekinking. I urge you to get it fixed before it tears up the leather that's running through that section.
  3. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated! :flowers:
  4. I had this on a bag once too, I also tried to pullit into place, and it would be ok, but then it would go back to the way it way. I don't know if this is a defect, because my other bag doesn't do it at all. But I sent mine back. I doubt it will work itself out. For the price they charge, the bag MUST be PERFECT!
  5. So I purchased this bag when I was on vacation in Venice, Italy this summer but now I am home and I live in Canada... How would I go about exchanging my bag? Surely there must be an easier and cheaper way than sending it back to Italy? I am about four hours from a Holts that carries Chanel bags. Should i just give them a call?

    Thanks again ladies!
  6. I had this problem with my jumbo and my GST when it first arrived. I took it to the boutique and all they did was start at one end of the chain and gently straighten the links out. But you have to go through the entire chain or it just keeps happening again. After that it was ok. Apparently this is quite common in the new bags. Good luck!
  7. It happens to my Naked Flap...:yes: I just try to put them on the right place...:tup:
  8. I bought my black caviar flap in vegas, but i too live in Canada. The SA there told me that if i had any problems i could always go to any Chanel boutique...maybe you can try calling the closest one? I also think Holt's has this "rule" about returns on items not actually bought at their store (i.e. I can't return an LV bag I bought at the LV boutique at the LV inside Holt's) so you might want to check that out as well.

    Hope it all works out!
  9. Thanks so much! :flowers:
  10. I carry my GST frequently and noticed that a link was goofed up. Naturally, i tried to fix it and it gets worse. I think the kinking and twisting happens with use -- like a coiled telephone cord. I'll be near a Chanel boutique in a couple of weeks and see if they can straighten it out for me.
    When you say it is common in the new bags, do you mean new like age-wise or new like a newer style? I've had my GST for a couple of months. It has smushed in a lot and softened a great deal. I really like it. I haven't carried my flap bag enough to notice messed up links. It's smallish, so I can't use it every day like my GST.
  11. ugh, just noticed this same thing on my mini that I just purchased, but I got it from eBay! it actually doesn't bother me that much, but I agree for the price we pay, we should be getting perfection. I will NOT try to fix it myself because I know what usually happens when I try to "fix" things. Can I take it to any Chanel boutique, even if I bought from eBay?
  12. it happens on my jumbo but it doesn't bother me. i just retwist it.
  13. I just got my new Jumbo in the mail yesterday, I had the same problem with one of the links in the chain. I only noticed it last night when I was taking my bag out for dinner. It was really bugging me because it seemed like a defect in the bag, which is unacceptable. I kept playing with the kink and it went into place and I was very relieved! Now the strap looks fine and I couldn't be happier.
  14. this is how my bag is too. i thought it was normal...
  15. Most of my jumbos arrived with this problem but I managed to twist them back after playing with the chain "puzzles".

    I think it just gets twisted at a few spots. Just solve the "puzzle" and it will be fine.