Twist wallet on chain - calling owners / reviewers

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  1. Hello! Ive been wonderif about the lv twist wallet on chain, does anyone else have this bag and would b duking to share thier experience? Pics and mod shots are very appreciated. Many thanks in advance!!
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  2. One of my faves!
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  3. I bought the ltd.ed. one with the studs and black/white "piano stripe"- part of the pre-fall collection. I love it!
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  4. I love the lv twist chain wallet! I love it so much that I got 2 -- pink and black in the chain flower print. I was going to choose between the 2 and see how it works out for me. When I got them, I immediately decided to keep both. I used it the next day :biggrin: The quality is amazing and solid. The locking mechanism is genius. It's very easy and enjoyable to use. It also fits my frame well. I highly recommend it. I was so tempted to buy the silver/black one recently but decided to be good :smile:

    btw...There is actually a twist thread that have a couple of pics with the woc. I'll try and post one later.
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  5. Thank u so much for your input! I will def check out!
  6. Here's a mod shot...

    Attached Files:

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  7. It looks soo good on u!! many many thanks!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Looks great on you! Does it hold a good amount of stuff?
  10. Thanks! Yes, for me it's enough to hold my essentials. I use the card slots and the pocket behind it for additional cards. The zipped pocket has my cash in it. In the main compartment, I have my car fob, LV 4-key holder, phone, small pouch with lipstick and balm. To me, it holds the same as the Chanel woc... at least I put the same stuff in both of them :smile: The LV woc feels solid at the bottom because of its construction. Also, it opens wide almost at an angle so it's easy to see and get stuff in and out. The lock allows me to close it with one hand.
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  11. Thanks! Yeah, I sold my chanel WOC cos I hated the soft bottom and started looking at this. =]
  12. I know what you mean. I love both Chanel and LV wocs but I honestly like using my LV woc more. I probably won't add another Chanel woc but I will likely get another LV woc in the future.
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  13. I fall in love with the twist wallet on chain, but need to figure out if it can fit my day to day essentials. Does anyone know can it fit an iPhone 6s Plus?
  14. I have the yellow epi "early birds" in this wallet, I love mine for when I just want to dash out somewhere ( even walking the dogs:P) with just a phone and keys etc. I can carry iphone 6Plus in mine, so long as I don't have other bulky items like keys or heaps of coins.