Twist in Hong Kong?

  1. I just got back from a very short weekend in HK to meet some old friends there. I was told by one of them to go check out this multi-label store called Twist. Unfortunately, the trip was too short and I didn't have time to go look around the store. I have just gone to their website and notice that they carry Hermes as well. Does anyone know if they a reseller? And do they carry authentic Hermes?
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    Twist is a multibrand retailer and they have 3 stores in HK. They sell mainly shoes, bags and small accessories. Other than Hermes, they also sell other brands like Prada, Gucci, Tods, Bottega Veneta, etc. They sell only new items (unlike other HK resellers like Milan station who sells both new and used items. I've not bought any H items from them but I think it should be authentic.

    For Hermes, over the last couple of months, I've seen 25/30/35cm Birkins, 28/32cm Kellys (there is a blue jean 28cm sellier Kelly at the Wellington store now!), Kelly flat, garden party totes, small leather goods, some earrings, necklaces and clic-clacs. Sometimes they discount the fashion accessories and small leather goods by 10-30% discount. I'm not too sure about their markups for Birkins and Kellys.
  3. Thanks a bunch Zenith for your reply. It's very informative! Wow! I really have to check out Twist the next time I'm in HK.

    Just wondering if any other HK ladies have any Hermes shopping experience with them?
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    The H range in each category is quite small, eg. 2 or 3 pairs of earrings, 1 or 2 clic-clacs. Not withstanding that, it's definitely worth visiting. Their causewaybay store is split into 2 shops, be sure to visit both. :smile: I've seen a Kelly flat for HK$66,000.
  5. I made a quick dash into the store about 2 weeks ago when I was in HK for a super short visit. They had a brand new 35 birkin for sale, going for the equivalent of about US$ 17,000.
  6. wow..: is that ostrich birkin Leah that you saw?:confused1:
  7. Ferocia coutura, sorry I used the wrong currency to convert :shame:. I just re-converted and it was actually closer to US$12,000!
  8. Thanks everyone for the valuable info! Hmm.... US$12,000, new for a HK reseller really isn't too bad.
  9. ^ Wow, add a couple more thousands and you'll be able to get an ostrich!
  10. Yea I've been to twist before. The other brands they carry, dior, miu miu, prada are authentic for sure and they usually have different styles than what's selling in the stores so alot of locals like to shop there to get something different. But regarding Hermes, I don't know for sure if what they carry is authentic or not. They are not an authorized Hermes dealer, they are a reseller, but they only sell new items. Their prices for birkins/kellys are quite marked up, last time i checked it was over 10,000US for a 30cm birkin (think around 10,300 to 10,500 can't remember the exact amount). But that's still cheaper than Milan station!
  11. I would be cautious and stick only to reliable sources to obtain Hermes Kelly or birkins. I wouldnt want to find out that the bag I paid so much for is not authentic. That would be horrors.

    On another note, I just heard about twist. I will make a visit to the store in 2 weeks time when I visit hong kong on vacation. Looking for proenza satchel in XL.
  12. Just back from Hong Kong.I went to the CWB Twist at World Trade Centre.Surprisingly I don't see any H on display this time round. I saw many,including Birkin,Kelly,Jypsiere,but this year there isn't any on display. Saw many Balenciaga,Gucci,Prada etc.
  13. Can try and see a store called Vipstation its located at tsim sha tsui and they have 5 stores I think.. can take a look at their site its quite good actually
  14. Hey I am about to head to hong kong (will be staying in tsim tsa tsui. Does anyone know where the nearest twist store is? Or where they are located around the city? Thank you :smile:
  15. There are HEAPS of resellers in Hong Kong - Milan station, italy station, VIP station, twist, and others. I found all of their prices to be very high though (sometimes it was ridiculous)...