Twist belt chain wallet owners! is it worth it?


Apr 25, 2020
Hi there!

I wonder what your thoughts are on this mini bag? Im starting out a handbag collection and was thinking of this as a sort of a minimal bag.

My first and only lv bag so far is the mylockme bb in noir which has a beautiful SHW, so im looking at the noir with GHW on this one. I really want something from the Twist line and the bags are a no-go as they are too structured for me and the actual WOC from this line looks a tad too small.

I have not seen many reviews on youtube or in here about this and i was hoping to get info on the wear and tear of this WOC, especially the GHW. It cost quite a lot more than say a pochette felicie and hoping it's worth the splurge. Does it fade like the GHW of some canvas pieces? Any issues with the glazing? How much does it fit? Pros, cons?

Thanking you in advance :smile: