1. Hi,
    My daughter is now 3 years old and I feel like its time to try for another baby ...
    I would really, reallyyyyyyyyyyyy love to have twins!! :smile:
    does anyone know any way one can achieve that? medically .. herbally .. anything?
    Thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. Medically, you can possibly have twins (or triplets) via IVF. Don't know about herbs tho.
  3. if you take clomid you're more likely to have a multiple pg. ovarian stimulation = more eggs = more baby chances. waaaay cheaper and less invasive than IVF.

    i don't know if they'll proscribe clomid if you're completely healthy/fertile and just want twins though. the side effects can be really yucky (bad mood swings, etc).talk to your doc. :smile:

    if twins run in your family it'll be more likely in general.
  4. swankymamaof3 is a mod at a twins message board, i'm sure she'd be a wealth of info.
  5. Watch what you wish for!!KIDDING! My mom is a grandmother was a usually runs in families..I was actually pregnant with twins once..lost the first one in the first trimester..then the second twin died at 23 weeks...NOT a good scenario.Carrying multiple babies carries a higher be careful!!Not to scare you..BUT i worked in the NICU for years and the chances of having a healthier baby is higher in a single pregnancy..On the other hand..MY Best Friend has 2 of the most GORGEOUS 3 year old twins that I love like my own.JUST know what you are getting into before committing to it!Good Luck!!!
  6. a friend of mine jsut had twin girls.....they were born 3 month premature barely at 1.5 pounds the babies have to stay in an incubator for 2 months and then after that they dont know what type of damage the babys will have till later on in life eg. Deaf ..blind...mentally challenged...Bodys immunity ....a whole like jill said.."be careful for what you wish for!!"
  7. I think twins are the cutest things ever!!!
  8. I've heard that fertility treatments also increase the chance.. but they also increase the chance for other multiple births as well. My uncle's (on my dad's side) wife had triplets.. and my uncle's wife (on my mom's side) had twins, so I figure if they run in the family, I'm pretty much set for multiple birth genes !
  9. I have twins and will be honest, your question is a very touchy subject for parent's of multiples and most ethical physicians.

    Clomid can increase your chances up to 10% but you're at risk for cysts erupting and other side effects.
    Ethically, you would need to go through months of specific testing to be prescribed any fertility meds.
    I do know for sure that twins are VERY often conceived on your very first month off the pill, it's a HUGE surprise for many couples!

    Also, a twin/multiples pregnancy is considered high risk and comes w/ lots of extra risks.

    I will alos admit 2 things; twins are W A Y more than double the work, but they're SOOOOOOOOOO worth it! LOL!
    Here's my boys at 3 mos old - OBVIOUSLY fraternal twins.
  10. Swanky, your sons are adorable!!!
  11. awww babies!!! i will count my lucky stars my babies are 1/100th that cute swanky!!! :smile:
  12. I have a pair of twin cousins from my Dad's side and yes, they are cute and veeery adorable but they are veeeery veeery energy-consuming.

    Cute still though! ;p
  13. Thank you guys!
    They're SERIOUSLY adorable and fun, and even now, 22 mos after they're born I just completely marvel at them. I do, I just stare at them dumbfounded that I made them! LOL! I do this w/ my DD too of course.
    But they are such pistols! They TOTALLY know when to be mischivous! My back is barely turned and I have one on the breakfast table on his knees swiping at the chandelier {NO, I'm NOT kidding} and the other is pushing a chair to the back porch door playing w/ the lock!!!!!!!!

    I live in an affluent area and before children I'd see nannies w/ babies of women I KNEW didn't work outside the home.
    I'd think "what kind of SAHM pays for someone else to take care of their children!!??"
    Now I know! I'd DIE if we didn't have my nanny come a few days a week! Those boys are SO busy!
  14. Swanky your babies are the cutest...thank you for sharing your angels.
  15. they are sure cute!!! :smile:
    i heard you could get clomid without a perscription? .. I saw a forum that discussed this i think ...