Twins...or Triplets?


Azur? Ebene? Or none?

  1. Azur!

  2. Ebeneee!

  3. Sell both of them and retire from the damier kingdom, damier princess!

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  1. Got the damier azur pochette from a wonderful TPFer as part of a partial trade in a brand new condition..:yahoo:made in spain too! my azur mini pochette was made in USA and the SA couldn't find one not made in the US..:push:

    ....How do they look together?

    If I am only able to keep one pochette..which one will you choose, and why?

    Ebene Pros:
    1) Worry-free
    2) Can throw around as much as I wish!

    Ebene Cons:
    1) It doesn't look good in summer, really!
    2) Sometimes I find it hard to match my clothes

    Azur Pros:
    1) Beautiful color
    2) Can match winter/summer clothes because I mostly wear black

    Azur Cons:
    1) Vachetta..:cursing: Need to be more careful..can't use it when I'd like to use it as a clutch in a bigger bag
    2) I don't think Azur looks good with patina

    *i am keeping the azur mini pochette*



    CIMG1541.JPG CIMG1542.JPG CIMG1543.JPG
  2. Hmm that's a tough one. I really love the look of the azur but if you're keeping the azur mini pochette, maybe keep the damier pochette?
  3. I would definitely keep the ebene! I like the browns and I use the ebene damier during the summer as I think that it looks more sophisticated (especially for work). But since you are keeping the azur mini pochette, keep the damier ebene so that you have both options and you have a bag that you can just throw around without having to worry about vachetta.
  4. hmmm, hard choice. personally, i don't like either. i'm not a huge fan of the damier line. i like solid colors more, like the epi line. the epi pochette would be a great replacement!

    but if i had to choose between the two damiers....the azur would come out a little bit ahead. the colors are much more springish and happy. i like light colors. and like you said, it's harder to match outfits with the ebene damier.
  5. I like them all but I'd probably keep the Ebene one.
  6. I would keep the ebony, then you don't need to worry about marks or water stains.:tup:
  7. LOL , I love the choices. You better keep that ebene, you already have the mini pouchette.
  8. Keep the Ebene.
  9. keep them both
  10. I love the azur...
  11. Keep the ebene please! I also had an azur pochette and returned it after a week. It just didnt grow on me. Ebene always looks chic and matches anything IMO. And you're right, azur doesnt look good with patina at all. Saw this lady with an azur speedy and I was quite shocked with how the dark patina looked on the bag. It just didnt match and look good at all IMO:tdown:
  12. I have the Azur pochette, but I've always wanted a Damier one. So I voted Ebene :p
  13. keep em both
  14. I prefer the damier ebene pochette myself. I love it! Plus you have the azur mini so you've got your azur fix that one, lol.
  15. Keep them bolth.