Twinny/double bag - does anyone have one?

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  1. Hi ladies, due to my (sometimes) extremely boring day job, I've gotten into the habbit of doing regular searches or evilBay and the like to see what there is out there in the way of cute vintage Chanels. This morning in my travels I came accross this lovely

    a little more searching and I came across this one

    They are apparently called a twinny. So, does anyone have one? Is it as adorable in person, and do you think the prices are reasonable? I've always liked the Chanel Kelly, and this seems like good value, considering I would get the mini one as well :smile:

  2. I had a set of these in the 90's. They were shown as a set locked together (you can see the padlock in the picture). They were very cute in concept, but a little awkward to carry as a set. I finally gave mine to my sister b/c I didn't like them separately either. The small was definitely too small for a grown person to carry on its own.
  3. Did the larger one work ok on it's own? Would you say that the smaller one held less then a min/woc? I wish I could look at them in person to work out the sizing!