Twinklette's Gems

  1. My collection has pretty much been totally revamped so I'm redoing my showcase (hopefully Vlad you can resubmit this instead of adding to my old one since it's totally changed?!?). It's a small collection but I love everything in it FINALLY :tender:

    I am pretty much *bag satisifed* w/the exception that my Rose City is going and in it's place is coming my beloved 04 Lilac City which I cannot WAIT for :wlae: :nuts: :upsidedown:

  2. VERY nice collection!:yes:
    I approved it for you.

    Did you have another thread started? We don't allow 2, if you link it for me I'll delete it.

  3. beautiful collection! I'm loving the variation of colors and designers!!
  4. i love all of your bags
    and your chloe flats are divine!
    haha :smile:
  5. FAB collection!!!:love:
  6. Beautiful collection. I have the same: the bags I had in the beginning of the year are all gone except of one LV but this goes on ebay pretty soon, too.
  7. You have a nice collection, congrats:yes:
  8. Thanks everyone! At one point I just had all LVs and sold every one of them. Would like to get at least one back eventually though...and a nice Chanel piece would be great too! (and thanks for the comps on the Chloe flats ~ they are my faves)
  9. I love your green Fendi Spy! So lovely. :heart:
  10. love the collection - what color is that spy - it is TDF!!
  11. It's the green 05 spy. She's my new baby, been carrying it every day since I got it!
  12. Very nice
  13. I LOVE the color on that SPY!!!:love: You are lucky to have found one!!!:yes: I LOVE the fact that it's not as common as the other colors!
  14. Irene you'd be surprised at how much it goes w/too. I use it with everything! Thanks so much for your compliments.
  15. Great collection! Colorful and beautiful! Love the color of your Spy!:heart: