Twinkle twinkle little star

  1. One of my obsessions is wearing flats and this is one of them from my collection
  2. I love flats too, and I love yours! The colour is gorgeous :smile: Are Jimmy Choo flats comfortable?
  3. It's turquoise colour to be exact in python embossed suede leather. You'll be surprised to know that it's waaaaaay more comfortable than a loubi flats! JC's shoes design in general doesn't "kill" your feet. My other favorite brands for flats are Tods and Roger Vivier. Fyi, I've passed the stage of wearing heels/platforms just to be fashionable. :smile:
  4. Yes! I've heard that JC are a LOT more comfortable in comparison to Louboutins! Never really been interested in them to begin with, I find the main appeal of Louboutins are really the red sole, and I'm a flats girl ;)

    I've actually never tried Roger Vivier ): We don't have a stockist here in Australia I don't think. BUT Tods are supposed to be so so nice, I think I'm going to have to get myself a pair!
  5. These are really cute! As far as comfort, I find my Choos are the most comfy flats I own. I just got a pair of Valentino rockstud flats are they are nowhere near as comfy as my Choos!
  6. Wow...sucha cute little shoe...congrats!
  7. Yes indeed. When I was expecting my son, the only shoes that I could fit into was my flats. JC flats has a wider front and spongy insole. Another comfy flats are my Chanels'! I've a pair of patent Loubi flats but never worn it till today. The patent leather is extremely hard compare to other brands. Nothing great about it other than its red sole.
  8. RV's boutiques are limited to a few countries. Nevertheless they are exclusive. I just love their elegance and simplicity in its design by not compromising on comfort. Fyi, Tods acquired RV years ago... Tods flats are comfy as the brand is specialising in making driving shoes. You should try and feel it yourself :smile:
  9. Thank you :smile: One of the reasons for buying it was the "fun and cute" design.
  10. Yes! I saw a lovely pair on Alix from thecherryblossomgirl, she makes everything look classy and elegant anyway :biggrin:

    I am so excited to try Tods flats now, I love the little tassel things at the front! They might just be my next shoe purchase hehehe:giggles:
  11. they are gorgeous