Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...

  1. how I wonder why so cute you are!!!!!!!

    Meet my new baby Twinkle! He's a scottish fold.


    I tried to stuff him in a 30cm birkin for a pose but he wasn't having any of it!!!:heart:
  2. :love: he is sooooo cute!
  3. thanks, :yes:princess and mariah are cuties too!

    twinkle is such a good boy, no bad habits!
  4. awww i love scottish folds!! cutie-pie!
  5. OMG OMG OMG you have a SCOTTISH FOLD :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: :heart:

    He's SOOOOOOOo beautiful!!! How old is he? I love SF's!! :heart:
  6. Cute!!
  7. Awww! He's adorable!
  8. Such a gorgeous cat - I love the ears!!!!
  9. :love::heart::love::heart:
  10. oh so cute.
  11. Love your kitty.
  12. Ok, so..I showed my SO your kitty, hes in love lol. He isnt even a cat person and he is now talking about finding us a Scottish Fold! Your cat changed his life forever:love::smile:
  13. SO CUTE!! I made your kitty my wallpaper for now, gosh, he's so pretty!
  14. Twinkle is very honored! Someone asked me if his ears came like that, hehehe. Silly goose! of course they did. he is such a good boy, very good natured and that is the best!
  15. He's ADORABLE!! Congrats on the new addition!