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  1. I am so lazy about pictures...but got together my vintage Guccis, so I thought I would start with these. The large print bags are from high school, early to mid 80's...hard to believe they survived high school and are now 20 -25 years old! The small print bag and solid wallet in from the late 80's.

  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. They're in terrific condition! I can't believe they're 20+!:love:
  4. ohhh i love vintage gucci's.. I especially find myself loving the doctor shaped bags the best! love your collection!
  5. :smile: nice, thanks for sharing.
  6. Wow Those Are Hot!!
  7. wow they are gorgeous! what a collection!
  8. I am incredibly jealous right now! I love your vintage Guccis so SO much.
  9. I am approved! I will try and start loading more of the current stuff.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
  10. i :heart: ur Gucccis :heart:
  11. ohhh wow! impressive vintage collection!
  12. OMG I have my first Gucci that looks VERY similar to the brown bag on the right front. It's packed deep away in boxes right now (as I never carry they old Gucci's I have but can't seem to get rid of them). I got it about 17 years ago and I still have it! Mine has a thin shoulder strap and I think mine is slightly different as it also has the red/green stripe combo right above the logo. It's just so funny to see the same bag. If I ever go through my boxes I will take a picture for ya!
  13. Wow they're beautiful. Gives me hope that I will still love all my bags 20 years from now.
  14. I'm in Gucci neverland with Tinkerbell!!!
  15. you take very good care of your bags! These vintages are fantastic