Twinkle Tinks Charm on Chanel Bowler

  1. (I wasn't sure where to put this so MODS please move this thread if you have to.)

    I just love the way this looks on the ol' bowler! I found a great clasp at the hardware store so I can transfer it to whatever bag I'm wearing. I should now be identifiable in a crowd ladies!
    bowler with charm.jpg
  2. It looks adorable! I can't wait to get mine...
  3. cute! I need to out mine on my bag!
  4. cute!
  5. I love it!! :yes:
  6. Take a modeling pic ya ho!

    Looks nice sitting there though...
  7. That looks really good. I am still debating on which bag to put mine on.
  8. Very cute!
  9. It looks so cute! I have mine on my pomme day I will put it on a chanel. As soon as I decide what my first bag will be
  10. no can do today! I look like a homeless person right now! Maybe tomorrow.....
  11. It's soo beautiful! I can't wait to take a photo of mine too! :biggrin:
  12. I like it Irm! I have 14kt white gold initials that I use on my bags. They were originally a pendant and earrings and I had my jeweler put dog leash clasp on them so I can wear them on my bags and I have one on my Chanel keychain. I am going to do the same with my tPF keychain.
  13. that sounds so pretty! post photos if you can.....(I actually have been wondering if I should order another keychain and have it gold dipped...)
  14. Cute. =)
  15. OMG, its the silver lux bowler! i am in loveee!