Twinkle.Tink This is PERFECT for you

  1. that's wayyy cute!
  2. Wow, I love that!
  3. I love that I had it done but it did fall off not all of them but one by one and it annoyed me.
  4. haha cute!
  5. I lOve that!
  6. OMG!!! That is the cutest thing ever!!!
  7. Wow, that took some serious talent! So cute!
  8. beautiful!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I love anything swarovski!!!
  9. Wayyyyy cute!!
  10. Oh how cute! Hope she sees this.
  11. awww how cute!
  12. That's so cute, but did you read what was under it? It said, "For display purposes only." And then they put (sorry!) after it. THEN, they went on to tell which stone colors were in it. Why would they put something that eye-catching at the first and then say that it was for display purposes only? Aww. That would have been perfect for Tinkerbell. :sad:
  13. Oh, my gosh that is so cute!!!! I wonder if the would do the outer color in pink! Thanks so much for the post! I love it!
  14. That is really cute!