Twinkie's humble LV collection ~

  1. Here are some of my LV babies I've collected over the past few years :P i am going to get the blue Le Fab next week and I am also thinking about a MC Shirley or MC Alma :graucho:
    wallet 10.JPG bag12.JPG bag 11.JPG
  2. great collection!
    No need to keep posting, all Showcase threads must be approved first before going live.
    I deleted your duplicates.
  3. thank you SwankyMamaof3 ! i thought it didn't go through :P
  4. fabulous collection! Love your bags from the Suhali line!
  5. FABULOUS collection!!!:love: Love ALL your pieces!!!
  6. Wonderful collection! Love your Damier bags and the Suhali too!
  7. Here is two more pic of my collection , the first two pic is my husband's bags, he couldn't resist buying the white Vuttion Cup bag (but he never use it :P )
    The 2nd picture is my MC Speedy,Mono Musette Salsa and the very first LV my husband gave to me...the Looping MM :rolleyes:
    Jordan's LV11.JPG mc10.JPG
  8. wats the doctor's bag in blue, in the third pic? I love ur collection. Yet another LV luver!! My faves are either the doctor's bag or the LV mono tote!!
  9. yes...that's the doctor's bag in blue from my 3rd pic....very roomy ! i am totally in love with LV bags !
  10. Your blue pieces are so stunning. Lovely collection, twinkie!
  11. You should get the MC Shirley. I have it and I LOVE the shape and look of it!
    Love the Suhali pieces, especially!
  13. thanks~ i am really in love with the suhali leather range ~
  14. Nice collection. I especially like the epi pieces.
  15. Love your collection ... especially the Suhali pieces!