Twin Cities - Minnesota meet?

  1. Anyone from around this area?
  2. Hi.. I am no way close but I am in Winnipeg :p
  3. hehe too bad I am not in North Dakota.
  4. Anyone up for meeting for lunch some weekend in Minneapolis...somewhere on Nicollet Mall????
  5. If I didn't work outside of MPLS that would be feasible...I can usually only make it on weekends out there.
  6. I'm game! We had a meet last spring and it was loads of fun!
  7. We should have a meet this summer!
  8. Aww...I haven't heard the name Nicollet Mall in AGES! Sorry for hijacking the thread; I live in Connecticut, but I'm originally from Minneapolis. Have fun ladies!
  9. Who's up for it?
  10. Me!! How about a meet in June?
  11. im in Thunder Bay, ON.. and we always go to Minni for shopping trips! I would totally come if its on a weekend!
  12. :tup:
  13. Bextasy would you bring your lovely Electric Alma? :graucho:
  14. :yes:
  15. Ladies - Did you meet for lunch? If not, I'd love to join the group for lunch; please let me know the date, time and location.