Twin bags dilemma...lotsa pix

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  1. so the intervention failed and i have busted out of rehab. even worse i've broken my cardinal rule of only one bag per style. so here are bags i recently found. first up is the CB e/w tote. i recently gave up my white CB n/s tote cuz it was simply not being used. i meant to get the e/w tote in white but the SA sent me the beige (aka dirty olive), which i also totally love. here's pic of it next to the grey i keep miss olive?



    i do get a lot of use out of my grey bag b/c it's super light and easy to wear. the olive is also a great neutral color that i don't have yet...but same style???
  2. Case No. 2: you've probably seen my posts about the blue python. here she is next to my vintage blue lambskin...have i committed another twinsie crime? or are they totally diff enough to keep in same collection?


    i also got a navy tote on Monday and will post that when it gets here...though the navy is totally diff (crinkled patent with pink trim...ohh TDF!)
  3. I would keep all four - I tend to buy bags in various colors if I love the style. And the blues are different enough in color and texture and size. Besides if you return the exotic...I will want it...hehehe:p
  4. ooooooh ooooh oooooh gorgeous piccies honey.

    OK, the flap is so so different to the gorgeous Lambskin that you have, so that is a keeper for sure :biggrin:

    I love that Olive too, but as you say, you use the grey alot, so would you still use this one? Im odd, with the flaps I would happily have one in every colour, but with the more unique and diff bags, I sometimes think that one of this particular might be enough :biggrin:
  5. I have trouble wearing olive bags, the color is really pretty, but will the color work for you? If so, keep it.

    The blue bags are totally different, must keep both! :tup:
  6. I agree with the others - the two blue flaps are SOOO different from eachother. I get a more casual vibe from the larger blue lambskin one and a more dainty/fancy (well - those words don't exactly describe what I'm thinking but my brain can't seem to come up with a more accurate word..) vibe from the python.

    As for the cloudy bundles - here's the thing - both are fabulous, both are comfy, both are super soft, and both are neutral colours that you could wear a lot. But the question is - since both are all those things - which would are you going to reach for more? Cuz if the grey one does everything the olive one does - then is there even a need for the olive one? lol - just trying to help you stick to your cardinal rule! But both are so lovely...
  7. Hmmm.they are ALL TDF!
    Id keep the grey over the olive in all honesty...Grey is the new black for the fall season!!!!
  8. i am a big fan of the gray so i would keep that :smile: but keep both blue bags, so gorgeous!!
  9. ya! the grey has been great and cool that it's suddenly the new hot color.

    so here are pics of some shoes i would wear with the olive (would have been a better match with the "white" cb but oh well who cares if it's not all matchy matchy)...then i also dragged my bronze cabas next to the olive to see if they are too much alike? i know my OCD is getting worse and worse:

  10. The bags with each of those shoes are great looks ! Love both...but hey, we have already determined that I am not much help...hehehe.:p
  11. purrrfect: no wonder my intervention and rehab failed LOL. when they are all so gorgeous it's hard to decide:push:
  12. ^^I'm still with everybody else - keep the flaps and ditch the olive. It is a gorgeous color but I much prefer the grey

    and you have been really busy lately LOL!!
  13. I agree that the 2 blues are sooooo different from each other that you should keep both! Not as sure about the 2 CBs. They might be a bit unique looking for having twins may not be the best way to go. And if you do decide to unload 1, I'd definitely KEEP the grey CB!
  14. ya i'm having lotsa doubts about the olive CB now, too ...if only i could find it in the hobo style then that would make more sense. the grey CB is def a keeper as i've been getting a lot of use out of her! it's true that if you have a bunch of flaps in diff colors it's still ok, but for the seasonal bags it just doesn't seem to make as much sense.
  15. i love all of them! you need to keep them all.....sorry not much help