Twin Agendas

  1. Hi Everyone!!

    Itsabagslife bought wonderful twin red epi agendas while she was in London!! :yahoo: :heart: :drool: They're gorgeous and we're trying to think of ways to accessorize them :smile: with Filofax, Charrmy Kitty, pens, etc :smile:.

    Here are some pictures!!

    Thank you Itsabagslife!!!!!!
  2. I'm actually on the verge of getting the LV refills.... :sneaky:
  3. Soooooooooo pretty....

    Mewlicious made the thread for agenda refill in reference sub forum.
  4. Thanks! :p

    Nita~!!! What's the name of that LV vernis bag in your siggy?! It looks beautiful!
  5. Very nice! Congrats!
  6. Congrats! Love the epi!
  7. those are gorgeous! They are very elegant, and I think the LV refills and a chic tiffany's or cross pen would look best. If you still want to use a fountain pen, I would just carry it elsewhere in your purse since it might leak onto the agenda. Filofax has some nice accessories too.

    I can give you guys some extra note papers (I have a lot)!! My melody, charmmy kitty, and LV. Also I got the LV post-it notes!
  8. those are cute, and i love the epi...but...why two? just wondering...
  9. One for Itsabagslife and one for me :biggrin:
  10. oh, i love that they match! i love the LV refills, i like to see the LV every day inside it! (mushy, i know, but hey!) i love the blank lined note pages they do with 1/2 white and 1/2 beige pages! and that little ruler kills me! and, oh, even better, the little LV stickies!!!!!

    but i dont but the pens, for the amount they cost, i woudl be scared to death of losing them! (which is kinda what i do with pens:crybaby:)

    but i got this one and i love it! bought a couple for myself in case i ever lost one and it works! it fits perfect, it writes ok and i like the gold in the jeune agenda!

    as for hello kitty, i can't find refills that fit this agenda!
    AgendaPen.jpg Agendapencollage.jpg
  11. OMG!!! Those are IDENTICAL Twins!!! beautiful. I love the LV refills too, the tiny stickers and gold tipped pages, doesn't get any better than that.... use the agenda all day every day, every hour or so, it's gets written in, there's a lot to keep track of.... adore the red epi, too fun!
  12. ps: I want charmy kitty or hello kitty refills or charms or anything, lemme know where you can find them... tanks!
  13. Wow twins, they're so pretty together!
  14. can anyone tell me where i can get hello kitty refills for my koala agendas? I've serach high and low for it on eBay, but not such luck......
  15. :biggrin: We decided we wanted matchign agendas :smile:
    I know there is more information about the refills on another thread.
    But......LV refills are calling to me!!