Twillys for the Non-obsessed

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  1. There are so many cute twillys these days... so many different designs! I was thinking about getting twillys as holiday gifts for some of my friends who are not (yet) H-obsessed. I find twillys so versatile and such a nice introduction to H. I think everyone would appreciate the quality. But on the other hand, will the gifts be greeted with, "why did you give me this strip of fabric?" :crybaby:
  2. Are you creative with computers at all? If so, maybe you could make a card or a little photo book to go along with the Twilly, showing the many ways it can be tied or used!
  3. Fabulous idea!
  4. Well thank ya!
  5. Twillys are great girfts, i bought my best friend one a few christmas' ago. And now she is a hermes scarf fanatic!
  6. I found the H ones to be a 'hit or complete miss'! The Tiffany twilliy has been appreciated 100% of the time I have given it as a gift.
  7. Rose, really? Is it cute? I haven't even seen it. :shame:
  8. Oh thank you. It really IS very cute! Maybe I'll stop into Tiffany when I'm in the city this week.
  9. Thanks Cynthia for a great idea! And thanks for all the responses. :smile: