Twilly&pocket square prices in canada?

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  1. hi,

    can anyone help me what the current prices of a twilly and a pocket square are? i've never bought one in canada before :shame:.....

    thank you very much:heart:
  2. I believe the twilly is $150 plus tax....
  3. ^thank you:heart:

    i rarely go to the H here in montreal (cause canada is more expensive). however, the SA's are always so lovely & i've sent my kelly for repair/spa with them, so i'm planning to get a twilly/pocket square when i pick the kelly up end of april/early may. i can't spend much cause the spa is already $670+:sweatdrop:...i'm hoping to find something for around $200 or less, so i don't think i've too many options:Push::shame:. are there any other options apart from pocket squares/ twilly's?
  4. Maybe a small agenda notebook (I bought one in Glasgow Scotland in Lagoon for about £80). It's really cute - the paper insert was £15 and I'm sure there was a telephone directory insert thing for about £40.

    A bookmark would be in your range and if they have twilly rings in stock - they are about £50 (for 3 of them so great value!!).

    Not sure about the prices of perfume but daresay there would be something in your budget (and worth enquiring as you might get some lovely samples to try!!).:okay:
  5. Wow! I forgot that Canada charges a premium especially for luxury goods. :tdown: In NY, twillies are only $125, plus 4.375% tax. Maybe I'll only buy twillies (and other smaller items) when I come to visit NY and refrain from purchaing in Toronto. That sucks!
  6. What about a keychain?
  7. Oooh yes it says on the website that the twilly is 125.. so obviously american price. I'd like to know about the silk twill scarves (36 x 36) while we're on this topic! Website says $355!

    Maria I think a twilly would be a perfect touch for your Kelly! That's definitely what I would go with :tup: