Twilly or Scarf on Your Birkin and Kelly?

  1. Just wondering if you tied a twilly or a scarf on your birkin and kelly?
  2. Not yet but I do love the look of it! Maybe those that do could post pics?
  3. I put twillys on my Paris-Bombay. I also might consider one for my Bolide.
  4. I think they look great on most H bags!
  5. pictures please???:biggrin:
  6. I do not, but do really like the look on some bags. It would not work with my lifestyle and the three little ones I have.
  7. Here is my Paris-Bombay with 2 different twillys.


  8. Adorable!
  9. Thanks Greentea!
  10. Love the new one - it's like mine...which is still in the box!
  11. shoes - do you also have the same color?
  12. No, black and white - I'm not sure what I want to put it on yet!
  13. Oh, La Van, I like your new Bolduc Twilly. It looks really good on your bag. You have such great taste.
  14. I prefer to use the charms or keychains on my H bags more because they are cute and yet will keep the whole "look" simple and chic. JMO :smile:
  15. Are Twillys made specifically for handbags only?
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