twilly or pochette???

  1. yes, i think my little vespa needs some company....i took her into the H boutique in SF (which i swear needs to do some lobbying in paris so that they start actually receiving some stock!), looking for something i could use on the vespa, but also get lots of other wear from. they only had about 4 pochettes in stock, and had only bolduc twillies, which weren't really singing to me. they had a great potiron pochette in a pattern with flowers and eggs on it (name is escaping me right now) that i thought was quite pretty, but the selection was so slim that i felt compelled to come home and shop online a bit (and then stumbled upon, and spent 2 hours drooling over their scarves...but that's neither here nor there).

    so, my question is more of a general one - what do you think is more versatile: a twilly or a pochette? can a pochette pretty much only be tied around the neck, or are there other creative ways to use it? and a twilly can be used in the hair, but a pochette would be too short, right? what else is a great use for a twilly?

    TIA, everyone!
  2. I prefer the pochettes. The men's department at NM/Saks/Bloomies have a great selection of pochettes. Pochettes can be tied around the neck, on bags, and they look lovely on ponytails too.
  3. I prefer the pochettes, too.
  4. I can tie a pochette on my head,kinda Jackie Onassis style...they're not too small.
  5. you're saying "bolduc twillies" weren't singing to u (not flattering). So, imo, get the pochette. both twilly & pochette r versatile. use your imagination 2 the extreme.
  6. My vote goes to the pouchette!
  7. bolduc twilly sounds tempting.. what color combination did you spot? i think pick the color which matches your bag. twilly is kind of too short for tying on my neck (maybe i'm not thin.... :p )
  8. i love both the twilly and pochette...esp in the bolduc design...i've been able to tie both of them around my neck, in my hair as a headband and ponytail (although twilly is easier for this)...i want to try wearing them around my wrist but i can't seem to get it to look right...i think either way you go, you won't regret it...and if you're like me, you'll totally go crazy after the first one...once you buy one, you won't be able to stop...

    rose is right by the way...NM men's dept has a great variety of pochettes! here is my twilly/pochette collection ...i love bolduc lol
  9. omg x i ADORE that green bolduc twilly!!!
  10. ^^boobie, those are so cute! actually, i LOVE the cles twilly that you have....that was the one that had me lusting after a twilly to begin with - they have an orange one on

    okay, i'm leaning toward a pocket square...i wish that 'les triplets' was still available...i'd jump on that for sure. has anyone seen it anywhere???
  11. SHOPPINGS......I ALWAYS buy pochettes (more versatile for me and looks more substantial tied to my bags) and I ALWAYS buy them at Neiman's at either their Hermes scarf counter OR in their Mens department. They always seem to have a better selection than the store in SF.
  12. ^shopmom and rose, i never even knew NM here in SF had a scarf counter...that's so exciting! and i'll check the men's dept too - thank you so much for the tip! our H store could definitely use an inventory improvement...LOL!
  13. I'm afraid I go both ways depending on mood. When I want a bow I go for a twilly and when I want something more substantial (as Shopmom noted) I pick a pouchette.
    I wish Hermes would make more twilly patterns.
  14. My vote is for the pochette. When folded on the diagonal in the "traditional" Hermes way, you can tie it many of the ways that you use the twilly. But I will also confess to owning about the same number of both, so if my actions speak louder than my words, then it looks like I believe you need both!:graucho:
  15. Sometimes, I'm in a whimsical Twilly mood and sometimes only a pochette will do. :smile: I love both equally but for different reasons.