Twilly found

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  1. I posted this in 'the wardrobe' friday, but someone suggested I post here as well...

    On my way home from work tonight, as I entered my subway stop, I saw a little Twilly on the steps down into the station. I glanced down to the bottom of the stairs and saw a woman disappearing around the corner with a big, orange shopping bag.

    I scooped up the twilly and ran down the stairs, trying not to kill myself, and just as I got to the bottom, the train pulled up. The woman went through the turnstyle and onto the train. I was desparately scrambling in my bag to find my metrocard and meanwhile a man literally shoved me out of his way to go through (I wasn't reeealy in the way- another woman had gone around me no problem) JEESH! I was thinking "oh no! She's RIGHT THERE and if I miss the train I'll never see her again!!" I found my card, swiped it, and just slipped onto the train before the doors shut.

    I found the woman with the H shopping bag at the end of the car and held up the Twilly and asked her if she dropped it. She looked at me with a confused expression for a second and said "no, no that's not mine, but thank you."

    So, after all that, I have an orphaned Twilly.:crybaby:

    If she happens to belong to one of you tpfers, pm me. If you can tell me the station you *may* have lost it at (I think it's likely if you list the places you were today- you will come up with the right one), and can describe her to me, you can come claim her!

    I gave her a nice soak in cold water and Woolite to get the nasty subway yuckies off. She looks good as new.
  2. Oh that is a very sweet story :smile: well if for some reason the owner isn't found... maybe it is meant this way :smile:
  3. I think it is so nice of you. I hope you get all the bags you wish for and FAST!!!!
  4. How sweet! I have a feeling you've probably just given the orphan a home, though!
  5. awww that was sooooo sweet of you to do that! however it turns out, i'm sure that the twilly will be well taken care of from now on! :hugs:
  6. Jesskaz, you are a darling!!
  7. If no one ever claims it I'm sure you'll be a very loving adopting momma!
  8. You are so nice esp to rush into the subway! Sending you great H vibes!!
  9. :buttercup: Jesskaz - in one way it would be great to find the owner - I'm sure that you'd have plenty to talk about! But failing that - perhaps your kindness remains rewarded!
  10. Oh silly me!! There it is!! Thanks for finding my twilly. I was so worried. Can you fed ex it to me? :cutesy: