Twilly for man??Why not!

  1. Yes, I got myself the first twilly in my life!!not in a million year that I thought I would ever wear a twilly,mainly because I always have the preconception of it is the lady's thing. But today while i was browsing in local Hermes store, this lovely SA showed me different scarfs and twillys and we had a little fun of playing with them, and I surprisingly found twillys actually work on men too!(at least on me:p). I tried on couple of different styles. There was one chain of keys in orange(specially release for Sydney store opening) and black, one Tokyo skyline in red and one woven Hermes ribbons. I had a hard time to decide which one to get so I just asked the SAs in store to give me their opinions. Most of them like the red Tokyo skyline on me, there was this elderly lady SA commented the woven Hermes ribbons one looked better because it was more unique and fun, which I totally agreed. So I ended up getting the colorful woven Hermes ribbons one. I Love it:heart:

    Enough talks, here are the pictures, enjoy!!




    I had fun playing with the twilly while I was modelling it and it is so versatile!!I can wear it in so many different ways!!
  2. ^^^Wow!!! You know how to work it!!!
  3. WOW!! That looks great on you!!! Some people really know how to work a scarf/twilly/pointu...... I wish I had that talent!!
  4. Duncan, LOVE this on you! Perfect choice. You are proof that men and twillies certainly can go together!
  5. OMG, How could I forgot to mention about what I SAW in the store today!I SAW A BLACK CROC POROSUS BIRKIN 25 WITH DIAMONDS!!!!OMG!!!I coudn't believe my eyes!It is GORGEOUS!!!!The SA said only FIVE been made in the world!!I can't remember the price, I just know it is VERY EXPENSIVE!!I asked the SA if I could take a photo of it but he said no...sorry guys.So now, for those who live in Melbourne Australia and want to see a croc birkin in flesh, make your way to the Hermes store, right now!!
  6. You need to start posting in the "What scarf are you wearing today?" thread. I'm sure this is the start of more purchases to come. Congrats!
  7. Duncan - you look great in that twilly! It actually looks like a tie worn in a creative way. I love that look on a man. I've seen men with scarves, but this twilly really works on a man. Good colors for you, too, btw.
    Asa is right - you should post your pic on the *what pointu/scarf wearing today* thread - they'll love it. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Amazing it looks great on you. Congrats
  9. Great! You wear it really well!
  10. Duncan, I bought the same twilly recently, you really know how to work it. Looks great on you, I just use mine the blah-way, bow on a bag.....:tup:Croc bag sighting, good thing I wasn't there, you'd have to walk around my puddles of drool........:drool::drool::drool:
  11. Last picture, twilly tights on my Louis Vuitton Bag, cute isn't it:winkiss:

  12. You look great!! You make it really work! I am impressed.
  13. ^^ Very nice!
  14. That looks great on you! And I love your LV!:yahoo:
  15. Y'know, I think it takes a real man to pull off a twilly :okay: Enjoy!