Twilly eye candy

  1. do any of you lovely ladies have the tohu bohu twilly in the green colourway? If so, please post pics because I think I might love that one. I'm also thinking that I really like the hola flamenco pochette.. I'm not usually a scarfie..but I think I might be turning over a new H leaf:nuts:
  2. Watch out!!! That's how I started, with a black tohu bohu twilly and look at me's a disease!
  3. ^ i do have the hola flamenco pochette...let me see if i can get some pics taken once i blowdry my hair! lol...
  4. okay, here are some pics for you :smile: this one can also be tied so that none of the red shows...but i love the little touches of red, so i always tie it so they peek out :smile:
    hola flamenca 001.jpg hola flamenca 002.jpg hola flamenca 003.jpg hola flamenca 005.jpg hola flamenca 007.jpg
  5. OMG! I love that one!
  6. OH MY NERD!!! I love that square:heart:,shoppingsmycard. I wanted it in either blue or cute.
  7. Shoppingsmycard....just lovely!!!
  8. :blush: aww, thanks everyone! i love it goes with so many things!
  9. thanks shoppingsmycard, that is so gorgeous and you wear it so well!!
  10. Shoppingsmycard...gorgeous!!!:yahoo: