Twilly Drought?

  1. What is going on? There are no new twillys. Have I missed something completely?
  2. Which year of production do these twillys come from? (from Snappyauctions)

    psycadelic twilly.jpg

    Violet Twilly.jpg
  3. MrsSparkles, I have both of those twillies. I bought the Legende Kuna in 2004 and the Bolduc in 2005. Not sure if those were the years of production, but pretty close!
  4. yeah, what's up with that?

    when i was in SFO several weeks ago, they only had like 3 desigs available! NM has more on display!
  5. I got excited because they said they had a new one at NM but it was the Tohu Bohu in blue. Really pretty but I already have the orange. :lol:
  6. Thanks, NS. It's always great to hear from members who actually own H stuff and know the exact names for them :flowers:

    There are really no new twillys, and I have enquired at my local store last week. I hope this drought will be over soon, with an abundant crop coming soon. Is it because it's Fall 2006 stuff on sale (like shawls and gloves etc) and hence no twillys?

    Anything in Australia? Kristie? Sue?
  7. MrsS, I was just telling Kristie over PM the other day that my store is like a desert atm. They do have quite a good selection of full scarves but twillys... nah! Here's which Twillys were available on the weekend: Black and lime green Tohu Bohu, Black Fireworks (I think that's what the theme is called), and I think a couple of those polka dot ones, maybe a red and orange.
  8. I really like the Tohu Bohu, I wish it comes in fuchsia but it doesn't.:Push:
  9. I have heard, but it has not been independently verified, that Hermes is not longer making them

  10. ^^ What!!!! :crybaby:
  11. Oh, say it isn't so.:sad: Anyone else hear any news about twillys?
  12. Noooooo~~ I love twillies~ They're light, chic, cute and affordable :love: wah, they can't do this to us!:crybaby:
  13. This cannot be true! I haven't heard anything from my SA but I'll check with her and update here if I hear anything new. As for stock, my regular store has HEAPS of them just sitting in their round boxes waiting for new owners. Lots of Tohu Bohus in Black, Orange, Green & Blue, the one with the Lotus flowers (can't remember the name now for the life of me) in White, Blue & Green and the ugly Golf Balls in Blue, Green get the drift - no drought in my locale :smile:
  14. Syd has a whole stack, but they're not for sale until the new catalouge arrives...ugh...
  15. Yay, good to know! Actually my SA yesterday said they were expecting a whole bunch of scarves inc. twillies in the next week or so. Yay, no more drought. But then comes the CC drying up..