Twilly as a belt part 2

  1. Here is what I was talking about...twilly as a belt? (I took this with my camera phone.) leave it as is, or use a Twilly tribord ring?

    ***Sorry for the yellow cast and lack of quality!! camera phone doesn't cooperate well under tungsten lighting!!***


  2. Nice cc, I am going to try that with my Tohu Bohu....
  3. I think the Tohu Bohu's design adds more kick to outfits. Colors pop out more. Try it with the tribord ring! I'd like to see that.
  4. I have the set of three rings. How would you use them in this case.... instead of the knot?
  5. I have no idea! I saw the suggestion on the other thread titled "Twilly as a belt." I'd like to know as well, so if someone is nice enough to take a picture of that, it would be great.
  6. Hi Rose and CC yes, instead of a knot. It would save you some extra inches on the twilly because you don't have to knot it.

    I am so jealous that you can tie twillys around your waist! I tried it yesterday but there is a cruel gap that could only be bridged by another twilly ;)

  7. All right this may be an undiplomatic question:shame: , but could you enlighten this non-twilly owner how long a twilly is?

    I suspect I won't be able to twilly-belt either. Blame it on a two-fold cause: low waist-jeans and a thickening waistline. :sad:
  8. ohhh nice!!!
  9. The twilly comes in a trapez-shape, so on top it is 77cms and bottom 85cms. hth!!
  10. That is great. Thanks.
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