Twilight Chat Thread *Spoilers*

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  1. Chat thread for all the lovely Twilight girls! Let's talk Twilight! :smile:
  2. well hello there luvy :biggrin:
  3. Hey Michelle! Started this because we kept getting in trouble for getting off topic. :whistle:

    Are you excited for Lost? 30 minutes left!
  4. holy crap, YES, i am! i'm tivoing just in case i miss the first few mins or something :P
  5. LOL. I've had it season passed for months. :biggrin:
  6. ^ You're up early Michelle
  7. So, I'm thinking I should get the Twilight DVD. Which is a really big step for me, since I don't own any DVDs at all. Is this the first DVD I want to buy?
  8. Hi girls!
  9. Hi Zama

  10. i'm STILL up :roflmfao:

  11. hi!!!
  12. YES. DO IT. :yahoo:

    i just sold many of my dvds and am being extremely selective about which ones to buy from here on out, but i am most DEFINITELY getting twilight.
  13. I'm just not sure I'll Watch it.
  14. I feel like a traitor not worthy of being here *LOL*