1. I am thinking of purchasing a Twiggy and not sure about the size. It seems a bit too long to the side... I kind of prefer the box, but it may be a bit too small. I have a City, a First and had a Day/Hobo... so I've never used the Twiggy before... What do you ladies think? Twiggy owners -- let me know how you feel/ felt about yours!
  2. I love my twiggy (ivory/calcaire).. it is so soft... the size is just right for me.. I haven't used it outside my house but I could say I love it a lot...
  3. Can you post a pic of you with it? Also - does it look 'funny' when you wear the straps?
  4. I love that ivory color by the way!
  5. hey ya!
    i totally love my cornflower twiggy! its such a great size!!!! i just love it.... words cant explain my un-dying love for my twiggy!
  6. I just got my Rouge Twiggy, and I :heart: it! It is a wonderful size. Not too long at all, I was worried about that too. I like the size because it is not an overwhelming dose of color. I am 5'2", so it is really perfect for me. There is a thread about people wearing their different sizes and colors that would really help you. Look at that. The posters tell their height, and what style and color they are wearing. I'll look for a link and add it here.
  7. I don't like the twiggy for me. It doesn't fit well under my arm and the straps don't stay on my shoulder - too boxy or wide maybe? For reference I'm 5' with a small shoulder shelf I guess lol. The city and the first are the only styles I really like.
  8. I have an ink twiggy and it’s the perfect everyday bag for me :heart: Roomy enough to carry everything I need, yet not too bulky- perfect! I also have a City which I love, but btw. the two I prefer the twiggy (slightly) I like the more compact look & it seems a little easier to locate things if I’m carrying a lot...
  9. I have an Indigo twiggy. Great size and shape! I:heart: it!
  10. ranskimmie - can you please post pictures of your indigo twiggy? I love love love that color!!!
  11. If you like the City, you should love the twiggy. I am 5'1 so I find the City a little big for me, and the twiggy is perfect. It wont drag on the floor on me sort of speak LOL! Holds a ton too. I use mine a LOT.