1. Hi! I am looking for my very first BBag!!! Im sooo excited but I want to make sure I get the perfect size for me.
    I used to think I wanted a first, but looking through the pics they seem a little on the small size but I like their shape. Then I thought I wanted a city but they look too large. Do you think a twiggy is in between the city and first size. I love the slouchy look and I know the city does that but I have not seen any pics of the first doing that. Does a twiggy slouch?
    Ugh! I am just so overwhelmed by all of this and i really want to make sure that I get the perfect one since it is such a huge purchase for me!:smile:
  2. Twiggys slouch beautifully, but only if they aren't filled up all the way. Firsts aren't really all that slouchy, unless you get a really used one.
  3. Also, what is a decent price to pay for a twiggy on eBay?
    How about a first?

  4. Twiggies are lovely and slouchy.....but are a completely different style to the city. Cities aren't as big as you think. I got one, and was surprised as I was expecting it to be bigger, however, I did sell on, as I didn't fall in love with it like the twiggy.
  5. so, are they not even comparable? Which one is bigger, the city or the twiggy? I believe that if the first bag was just a little bit bigger and it was slouchy then I would love it. But in all the pics, the city looks too big for my taste. I also want a long strap. I am leaning towards the twiggy but i am still not sure. . . Thanks for the advice:smile:
  6. Do you have a store nearby where you could go look first?

    The First is pretty small - I have one, but can't really use it for everyday. I use my City's for everyday - they are very roomy but NOT huge. I don't have a Twiggy yet tho - but one is on it's way to me next week!!
  7. If you filled to capacity then the twiggy probably has more capacity than the city (although I've not tested this). However its best to not overfill the twiggy so that it does slouch.

    It is a lovely style.

    There is a thread: Join the twiggy club with lots of pictures...I'll try to find it for you.

  8. This really depends on the year/color and how sought after it is ... what color are you thinking?
  9. Im really not looking for a particular color. I am just want one that is not too bold. I have looking at a sea foamish looking one Vert' (?) and a light blue one or a cornflower. I might also get a black one. Im very flexible with the color.
    Unfortunately, there are no stores around me that sell Balenciaga so I can not try any on:sad: This is a huge purchase for me (im a college student) and I want to make sure that I get the right one:smile:
    thanks so much for the help.
    and fred&ginger, if you can find it, I would love to look through that thread. I have been through the one of everyone wearing their bbags like 6 full times in the last few days trying to figure out which style i like(lol!). However, i didnt see many twiggys on there:sad:
  10. oops! Thanks fred&ginger:smile:
  11. fred&ginger, I really enjoyed that link!!!!! I like your sapin colored one. Is it a really dark green? Does it look alittle black? there is one on eBay i was considering in that color.
  12. how is $725 for a sky blue twiggy. Is that a good deal. The seller is on this forum and she is the one that has that beautiful collection in the thread
  13. I would be very careful of the really light blue bags like ice blue and sky blue because they tend to discolor and sometimes it is hard to discern just how much discoloratioj has already taken place in photos. It is very easy to find a used twiggy on ebay for $700-$800.

    I would recommend the cornflower or bleu glacier instead. Just be patient, ebay has been kinda dry lately. More will pop up eventually.
  14. is discoloration negative? Does that take away from the value of the bag?