Twiggy vs Part-Time..which one should I pick??

  1. Hi everyone! me again!!
    I thought I decided on the twiggy until I saw the part-time..
    they look pretty similar to me!! except part time doesn't have such a sqaure corner look to it..
    but is the part-time A LOT bigger??

    if anyone can be so kind to post their twiggy beside their part-time..that would be greattttttttt!!!!!! thanks ladies for always helping me out!! :flowers: you girls are lovely.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. What are the main things you want to use it for? Everyday? Work? etc.

    What do you usually carry with you? Additional, what are some items that you might have with you "sometimes" that you would like to fit...?

    These might help me answer! :flowers:

    I have a PT, but do not own a Twiggy (yet)... However, the Twiggy style has really grown on me and I do see one for me in the future. The PT is definately bigger then the Twiggy, but I would also consider it a different shape.

    So as far as which would be better? I guess what are you looking for in a bag first. :p
  3. the TWIGGY. PT sags big time at the edges maybe because its a bit heavier and taller than the twiggy?

    I like how Twiggy looks when it slouches but not on PT.
  4. Okay... I hate to even post these publicly, cuz I look like a bum. :p

    Please ignore the scrubby clothes & bathrooms behind me in all of the shots...We need to get one of those long room mirrors for our bedroom, but don't currently have one. :shame:

    Anyhow, I took these to send to someone via PM to help me decide whether they looked good on me or not. That lovely tPFer (non Bal biased) said she actually like the PT on me better... I don't have a Twiggy yet to show pics, but when I tried it on at NM, I also REALLY liked the style - it was just a bit smaller & rounder, which would be great for day-to-day.

    This size is more work/school for me... Also check out the "Wearing Bbags" threads... although there didn't seem to be too many Twiggys & PTs there.
  5. aww thanks!!! i love that green bbag on u..that's the part time right? origan is the color? (i'm really bad at newbie so excuse my mistakes on guessing colors :p ) and bags4bubbles, you look stunning in BOTH bags!! I esp like the part time on you too!! would love to see you in a twiggy as well!!! thx for taking the time to show me these lovely pics!:drool:
  6. I want it for everyday, so not for work. Just like an everyday carry around bag to go with does that mean a twiggy would be a better choice? :confused1:
  7. Do you like to carry a lot of stuff with you? What will you be carrying in your bag? Why are you not considering the City, btw?

    bags4bubbles...thanks for posting those! It's SO hard to find photos of the Part Time being carried by the shoulder strap. Is that a sandstone PT? It looks great on you!!

  8. Miss Donut, what did you end up getting? I'm in the exact same situation. Thanks.:sad:
  9. Twiggy hands down.
  10. LOL... no problem. I'll take some this week in actual clothing and put them in the 'Wearing Bbags' thread. :smile:

    Yes, the Part-Time is 07 Sandstone, the City is 07 Marine. (The lighting my bathrooms is kinda odd, I took it to ask her more about the shape then color... so the PT is kind of a Taupe, City a dark navy blue.)
  11. I say twiggy too. I thought I'd like the PT, but after seeing the pics, I'd take a city over the PT. Twiggy is in a catagory of its own.
  12. The Twiggy looks great when it slouches, and when worn by the handles. I just sent a twiggster back for a city - only b/c i usually wear my bbag on my shoulder & to me the twiggy just looked like a duffel/gym bag on the shoulder.

    If you can find one with super duper silky leather (even used maybe) then I'd get it - as it'll slouch nicely - but maybe reconsider if you plan on wearing it on the shoulder (or try it on first).
  13. i LOVE the twiggy for everyday use. I can carry all my essentials and a book, and maybe even more in it...and it's not too big looking ...go for a twiggy!

    only thing i've noticed is that unless its stuffed, it looks weird when carried by the strap.
  14. Here are some comparison pics for you (06 emerald twiggy, black part time).




    I actually prefer the part time, but I guess I'm in the minority here! :shrugs: :p

    The twiggy is cuter-looking IMO, but for what I carry, the Part-Time is more practical and lays against my body more comfortably.

    Hope this helps!