twiggy vs first

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  1. #1 Apr 30, 2007
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    I am new and drooling over all the pictures of the balenciaga bags. I think i have finally decided that i will get a twiggy or first. I also think i want the bordeaux color. But I have been calling everywhere and don't seem to be able to find it. Anyone have any ideas? I am wondering if i should just get the grenat because they are so close And maybe get the first. There is a first bordeaux listed on eBay. Does anyone know if it is real?

  2. Bordeaux was made in 2005,probably the only place you'll find one on is eBay. I'm a little sus of the one listed on eBay, ask them for more pictures, showing the bales, revits,silver tag and the leather number behind the silver tag.
  3. thank you. I am always so hesitant to buy from ebay because you never know what you are getting. But I see you have the bordeaux color. Do you adore it? Have you seen the grenat? Do you think i would be settling? I just found out that BalNY has the twiggy in the grenat/oxblood but you can only get a credit if you return. So I want to be sure. I appreciate your help.
  4. I love my bordeaux it's just the most beautiful colour and the leather is the softest out of my Bbags! I have a first and a city style, I'm holding onto my first but my city is on ebay.
    I have never seen grenat in real life but in photos I think its not as pretty as the bordeaux and myself I feel that the 2005 leather is better than the 2006, but that's just my thoughts. I hope I was some help to you.
  5. I actually think the twiggy in Bordeaux is to die for! The first looks nice in this color, but It hink it looks a little better on the twiggy style.
  6. thank you both so much. So I decided to go for the twiggy and I want bordeaux. So how do i find one????

    thanks for all your help
  7. Hmmm... ebay and places like Anne's Fabulous Finds for starters...

    Remember if you see one on ebay to post the link or pictures in the "Authentic" thread posted at the top of the forum. The gals will be able to advise you on whether or not you sould bid :jammin:
  8. thank you so much. I will do that.
  9. there was a beautiful bordeaux twiggy on ebay last week, i was watching it but can't buy any bags right now. :sad: it ended without any bids, try doing a "completed item" search for it. good luck!
  10. oh, i can't believe i missed it. I don't think they happen too often, and I want to shoot myself. This bag has become an obsession and I must have it!!!!!

    I will continue to look. thanks for the heads up. I don't know if i am doing it right, but nothing comes up when i try doing a completed search.

    If anyone out there sees something PLEASE let me know. This is my mission until i find it.

    And thanks everyone to everyone who responded. I have to believe there will be one out there for me.:yes:
  11. okay, i am pretty knew at this. But i finally figured out how to find the complete auctions. It looks beautiful. How do i know if it is real. Do you think so.

    And I am not sure how to contact her. The id was my2furrycats. Does anyone know her? Is she a member here?
  12. i feel like such a fool. I figured out to contact her. Thanks everyone. And sorry for the horrible spelling. I am in a frenzy trying to get this bag, and my fingers are just flying over the keys:shrugs:
  13. Actually you can contact her directly. Just click on her ID and her profile page will show. On the left side you will see "Contact member". Click on that and you can send PM to this ID. Just do not forget to fill in the verification number below the message box.

    Good luck!
  14. just saw that you find it out already while i am typing =)
  15. If u want to find a 05 bordeaux bbag, u have to try on ebay...alternatively, grenat is very close to bordeaux....good luck for the search