Twiggy vs Day

  1. I need some help again. I now have a first in rouge vermillion and a grenat twiggy and I love love them both. The first is small for me and I would use it more for going out not on an average crazy errand day. The twiggy seems like a good size and i love it's slouchy shape.

    So the next one i want is blue. The ocean blue that ICB described. I thouht i wanted a day because it is also slouchy and it would add variety. But I am wondering if it is too long and if everything kind of gets lost in the bottom when you throw all your stuff in.

    If this has already been discussed can you point me in the right direction. I would love some guidance from those that own both. Which shape do you like best for everyday. Twiggy or Day.

  2. For everyday,I love the Day.I must admit:it's not the more pratical bag to find your keys...(all my accessories are black,and the day is black lined)But this bag has such a great look!
    You don't have any Day...Try!She's also practical,'cause she's a shoulder bag(I know the Twiggy has a shoulder strap,but I prefer her shape on the croc of arm)
    Another thing,the Day is the less expensive classical bag from could get a purse coin with the difference;)
  3. I really like the day for the reason that it just sits fab on your shoulder and you can throw things in. Never found it that hard to find my stuff and it was just a great casual look

    Good luck!
  4. I don't have a Day, and I have not seen many Balenciagas in person so I am definitely not an expert. I do own a Twiggy, which I bought off eBay. I was worried that it would be too small but it's perfect- LOVE it and would recommend the style to anyone.
  5. How I love the Twiggy! I like this style very much!:winkiss: