twiggy vs city

  1. I'm new to Balenciaga, been lurking a little while.:flowers:

    If you were asked to choose between Twiggy or City in the color of your choice, which would you pick...and why? Enquiring minds want to know...:graucho:
  2. city is my first choice, then the twiggy. colors??? I have a blueberry city, but would love a magenta
  3. hey ya!
    for your first b-bag you might want to get a CITY in BLACK! This bag will become your staple in your wardrobe for sure!!!
    I have both the CITY and the TWIGGY and they're both great bags! They fit loads of stuff!!!
    As for colours for the TWIGGY anything would be wonderful!
    All the best on your search!
  4. Hey girl!
    I tend to get bored with black bags, but you do have a point about it being a staple - especially in winter. I'll have to rethink my "no black" theory, but the fun Balenciaga colors are so tempting. :yes:

    Since you have both City and Twiggy...I know they aren't a lot different in size, but is there anything you can use one for, but the other won't work? I'm not sure that sentence makes any sense...
  5. well i would pick color over black because balenciaga will always have black. while the colors are discontinued after a season. although die hard balenciaga fans will argue that not all black citys are the same depending on the leather! anyway but i would choose a city over a twiggy anyday it just doesn't look right on my petite frame. as for color, rouge theatre would be my first choice! or maybe the pewter city!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I had both a City and a Twiggy with me last year at grad school, and for carrying papers, files and light books, the City works much more efficiently. But as a day-to-evening bag, the Twiggy is a little more feminine.
  7. my fave shape is the work..after the work comes the twiggy...dont know why but got tired of seeing so many citys yet i rarely see twiggys and work bags
  8. I love the's a more unique shape, and it's my favorite!
  9. I don't have a twiggy, I have 3 Citys.

    I think the city size is very confortable, not to small so that you can bring with you some stuff you need during the day, not to big to look wrong with an outfit for a night out or for shopping either. It looks good with most of the ways you will probably dress for your lifestyle, slightly more formal, slightly more sporty.

    Twiggy has about the same use, I would say the difference is that city is basicly deeper, so it can hold a little bit more.
    For eg somebody say a few days ago she managed to fit a small umbrella in the city whereas it didn't fit in the twiggy.

    If you don't need to bring a lot of stuff with you, I would say you may use both in the same way, so it just comes to a matter of taste.
    Aesthetically speaking I prefer the city, it's just a matter of proportions and because I love to see the softness of the leather ,and I see this better in the city, but I honestly think the twiggy is a very very nice bag as well.
  10. Have both and love both - so no real help here. I have an Ink city and a Rouille twiggy. I think the twiggy is better for brighter colors - just pops more.
  11. Definitely CIty. I had a chance to see a Twiggy IRL and IMO, it's too long, at least for me. I prefer the box over it. The City is a nice, comfortable size.
  12. I vote for the city, the twiggy is too long
  13. I like both but the City is my favorite. If you are getting one bag, I would get a neutral. Black, white, or greige. Greige is great, it goes with everything and I think the color is really beautiful.:yes:
  14. Wow - thank you everyone! It's interesting to hear the comments about the Twiggy being too long, because as I understand it, the City is 15x10x4, and the Twiggy is 14.5x9x6.5 - half an inch shorter. I guess because she's not as high, Twiggy appears longer? I guess I need to find a place where I can visit these in person. Or....get one of each! :upsidedown:
  15. Hippie, that's exactly right. But, like I said in my post earlier, once you load them down with your stuff, they do look longer when you carry them. I loooooooove them so!