Twiggy vs City

  1. I've pre-ordered a truffle twiggy but now am having second thought :oh:
    which holds more - a TWIGGY or a CITY? :P
  2. The city, but not by much as the twiggy's depth is much more than the city so it carries quite a bit.
  3. I agree - I could hold as much in both bags but the city was easier for me to carry. Twiggy just didn't work out.
  4. City holds more than the twiggy and is easier to carry IMO. But the twiggy is such a fun shape! Where is Ranskimmie, she has one in every size and can give you an honest opinion!

    I cannot wait to see pics of truffle- from the swatch it looks amazing!
  5. i have twiggy and city and love both equally! they do hold pretty much the same amount! except that you can put some things in the city that you can't really in a twiggy, because of the shape, like a magazine.

    however, i prefer the twiggy in more 'casual' colors.
  6. The City is much more manageable for me.
  7. Today I brought my beloved Ink City:love: out for a spin and at the end of the outing with my kids, I realised that I need a larger City, strap included.:P That means the WORK and the PURSE are out:hrmm: To keep things more organised, I used Purseket with the City so that I can put 2 water bottles, big Pigeon Baby Wipes & a miscellaneous so-called-makeup-pouch in the centre. Do you think the purseket can fit inside a TWIGGY?

    Oh yes, if using the shoulder strap - will the TWIGGY slouch if there's not enough stuff in the bag?
  8. hmmm, don't have either a city or twiggy, but i heard that the twiggy is BIGGER than the city because of it's shape. i think when it comes down to it, just pick the style you like better. they look very different when carried.
  9. I think both hold the same amount. Only difference I noticed is that when carrying the Twiggy by the shoulder strap and unzipped i'm afraid my stuff my fall out. With my City I don't worry.
  10. i think they hold about the same amount...

    i think if you are looking for a bigger size than the city, you should look into the new part-time bag, its in-between a work and a city! and has a shoulder strap! you could also think about the men's weekender, the handles are longer so they could go over your shoulder! ;)
  11. City can hold more things, but the Twiggy is definitely the easier of the two to carry over your shoulder. :smile:
  12. Here are some pics I have that shows you what each hold
    1 magenta first
    2 indigo twiggy
    3 apple city:biggrin: This is what I carry. Hope it helps!;)
    DSC03595.JPG DSC03597.JPG DSC03596.JPG
  13. get the twiggy, if you want a more casual look~;)
  14. oh thank you all:heart: I think I will go for the TWIGGY afterall :biggrin::biggrin::P
    Now comes the color part...:lol::lol: