Twiggy vs. City

  1. I'm torn between a Twiggy or a City (in the new Grenat/Oxblood color for fall). Which size is better? Can someone post a side-by-side pic? I would really appreciate it. I've already got a First (in Emerald), so I'm looking for a larger everyday bag.
  2. Have you considered a purse or hobo? Those are both shoulder bags if you prefer shoulder bags. Between the twiggy and city, I prefer the look of the city.
  3. Thanks chigirl, I'll check out that thread. I'm definitely more interested in a hand-held bag than a shoulder bag.
  4. yes, yes, yes, the purse & the hobo are great bags too :yes:...i've got my emerald purse here today!!!
  5. BTW, I used to live in DC. Not many women there carrying bbags, huh?
  6. You're right about that chigirl. In the 15 years that I've lived in D.C., I've seen less than half a dozen real Balenciagas. But in New York, where I travel often, they are EVERYWHERE. Many women I know in D.C. have never even heard of Balenciaga.
  7. Here are some comparison pics for your reference .... The blue one is a City and the white one is a Twiggy.
  8. In this pic the pink bag is a Purse, the blue one is a City, and the white and red ones are Twiggys.
  9. I have to say that I thought DC was one of the worst dressed cities boring and conservative. I am not a major fashionplate by any means but I felt somewhat flashy there at times. The only places I ever shopped in town were the two boutiques on U street.
  10. Why not a Work. it's hand-held and larger than the City. That's my favorite size.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Very helpful photos Kat. So which do you like better???
  13. Kat...Awesome & helpful pics!!! thanks :smile:

    Is that red twiggy a rouge theatre from f/w 2005?
  14. i reckon you should get both sizes!!! hehehe! i've got a city and a twiggy! they're great!!! woohoo! b-bags!!!