Twiggy vs City

  1. Hi all,

    I've never had a balenciaga bag before and thinking of getting my first. Could you please advise whether I should get the city or twiggy? And what are the differences? I am thinking of the colour Greige. Btw, i am 1.68m or 5'6". Opinions pls... Thanks.
  2. Hmmmm.. well here's a link to the measurements:

    I think you could go any way really. It all depends on which style you prefer. The City is taller & the Twiggy longer. I think they're both nice looking.. though I don't like the Twiggy's when they're filled completely cause they resembles logs :p which makes sense I guess hence the name.
  3. As a first BBag I'd probably get a City! Good luck with your choice- you can't go wrong!:yes:
  4. I like to carry my City during during the day because it will hold notebooks, file folders, etc.

    IMO, the First and Twiggy are "dressier" shapes and the City is more business like.

    As much as a bright red bag with tassles can be "business" anything:p
  5. I think the city style is very classy and holds just enough, I'm a big fan of the city:love:
  6. I had a Twiggy before I had a City. It actually took me a long time to like the City. Now I love it. And I agree that Firsts are the dressiest, good for an evening out; Twiggies are also dressier, more of a "party" bag; Cities are great for day, because you can fit wallet, phone, agenda, book, a file folder or two, a little cardigan and a water bottle.

    I would choose the style based on how you're going to use it. Personally, I love my Greige First, which I carry to brunches and baby showers and day events where I'm not going to be toting a lot around, and of course at night. And Greige would be great in a Twiggy or City, too. So I'd start with how you're going to use it and then pick the style from there.
  7. Thank you, everyone!:flowers: Would there a difference between the leather of Twiggy and City, both in Greige? Or are they the same in both bags?
  8. the leathers from bag to bag, no matter the style, are very different, but the colors are generally the same. some leathers are veinier, thicker or thinner, shiny or matte. if you can, try to hand pick them yourself or get someone you trust to help you - Daphne at Bal -NY is great at sending pics and describing the leather on bags. good luck with your search!
  9. Thanks Nicole. Unfortunately I don't live in NY :crybaby:

    OMG, I love this bag.. What is this called? Greige City? And I love soft leather. Does Greige come in variations of leather? Cos I am afraid if I get someone to buy for me overseas, the leather might be hard, though it's the right colour...:confused1:
  10. where are you located? the new york store phone number is 212-206-0872. ask for daphne, she's amazing.

    the bag in the picture is a city, i think it's the greige. it looks gorgeous, right?
  11. coco, my first bbag was a twiggy. the city grew on me later. i think, the twiggy complements dresses and skirts better... because it looks more feminine than the city. however, the city looks better with casual outfits. but, i don't like the city when it's overstuffed because it looks squarish and briefcasey. that said... greige would look better in the city. you can always get the twiggy later!:graucho:
  12. there's usually some variation in the leather between the bags... even bags in the same style and color. the best thing is to talk to a good SA (daphne at balNY) and describe the kind of leather you want.
  13. I don't think the Twiggy resembles a log, even when stuffed, although I suppose if you stuffed it completely with towels or something, you could get it to look tootsie rollish - but that would make the City look like a bed pillow.

    I don't think the name comes from the fact that it looks like a log - but from the fact that it is longer and skinner in shape (like the model), compared to the First and the City, which are more square.

    At least, I prefer to think of it that way.
  14. I love your analogies. I previously thought the TWIGGY looked like a log too, but not after I've seen photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing hers. I gues it really depends on how your stuff your bag, but the TWIGGY is a pretty style!:yes:
  15. I say once you buy one, you can't stop, so, just buy them both and get it overwith!!!:yes: Well....for this week anyway!