1. What colour is the first one (if it's real)? Is it an anis twiggy?
  2. It looks like anis to me!
  3. I believe it's anis too! Go get it mocean!
  4. Anis!:nuts: That's hot!
  5. Look who the high bidder is.... :shocked:
  6. Im not familiar with the high bidder. Is the name just scarry or is the bidder a not so good person?:girlsigh:
  7. That bidder is :yucky: I've read somethings about this bidder somewhere on this forum and it was NOT GOOD~
  8. :love: dont you worry... I am! :yahoo:

    thanks for remembering! :kiss:
  9. I wonder how high the anis will go. It looks pretty dingy, hope it can be cleaned.
  10. yeah, i noticed that too. do bags in anis usually go for a high price?
  11. oooh, it's cuteee :P
  12. Oh god, I love that bag! :love:

    I wonder if it will lose color when you clean it the way bubblegum pink and sky blue bags do... Does anyone know what year the Anis came out?
  13. Anis is 2004, I believe.