Twiggy Stocks @ Bal NY 11/04/08

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  1. Hi everyone, hope this helps:

    The colors we have in the Twiggy are black, cream, bubble gum pink,
    truffle, sky blue, red, electric blue, white, thyme.:
  2. Kim also said there was an 06 Camel/cognac and 07 also ocean, tomato, vermillion
  3. verm is 07 too, Z&J? also, camel and cognac could be two different colours. i wish they're more specific.
  4. Glossie, I'm sorry they weren't that specific. I asked for more details and photos for us to drool over. As soon as I get them I'll post
  5. don't apologise, Z&J. thanks so much in advance, though! thanks too sparkle! the "red" should be rouge? which should be 07? the camel and truffle twiggy would be great classics.
  6. plz post pix ! thanks :P
  7. Still waiting to get them. Will post as soon as they come:s