Twiggy stock????

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  1. Hey all - just wondering if any of you know of any Twiggy stock anywhere? I sold almost all of my bbags and now I can't stop thinking about a Twiggy!!!!! Thanks so much for any info. at all. :flowers:
  2. Aloha Rag has Magenta, Bubblegum, White, Vert Deau couple of days back. Which colour are you after?
  3. Kim from BalNY emailed me yesterday with all the Twiggies they have. Below is what she emailed me:

    In the twiggy, we have black, white, ivory, paprika, tomato, vermillion
    red, steel, cinnamon, dark olive, emerald, periwinkle, marine, oatmeal,
    sahara, bubble gum pink, pale magenta, sky blue, thyme green, caramel,
    truffle, oxblood, and blue india.
  4. Caramel? As in 05 Caramel, or was there an 06 Caramel that I've forgotten about?
  5. I don't know what year it's from. Kim is off today, but if your interested you can call and speak to Daphne. She's a sweetie!
  6. whoa - does BalNY email pics for color? Just curious - thanks!
  7. I think they do but I'm not positive. I was interested in what some of the colors looked like too, so I just went searching around tpf and found what they each looked like :yes:
  8. They will email you pictures of bags that you might be interested in - but you may still want to search TPF for the colors too, because the lighting in BalNY is horrible and their photos don't usually do the colors justice!
  9. Hey guys - thanks so much for the awesome responses. Wow - Bal NY has a lot to choose from. Decisions, decisions!!! Thanks again! :smile:
  10. I want at least 5 twiggies on that list :drool:

    Dark Olive?
    Could that be an 05 Olive? Hmmm :shrugs:
  11. blue india! amazing.

    and vert thyme!!!!! f*** I need this bag.
  12. I KNOWWWWW :drool::drool:

    How could this gorgeous colour still laying there waiting to be brought to a loving home!!!
  13. I requested a picture of the Tomato.... she said the Thyme was more veiny than then Tomato ... which makes sense b/c if you think of F/W 07 colors like violet, mogano, tomato and jaune bring up thick leather least in my opinion...

    will post a pic of the Tomato
  14. Aaaaccckkkk! A run on Twiggies! LOL! BalNY has been holding out on us! :drool: